Finally! A summer skincare brand that is designed for the active woman! We sat down with Mickael, one half of FRÉ Skincare to discover what the inspiration was behind starting a skincare brand dedicated to those who love to protect their skin but also love to workout!


At Hip & Healthy we love FRÉ and the idea that we can sweat in summer but not let our faces suffer for it! How did you come up with the idea? 

Michael and I (Mickael) met 4 years ago and a few days after our first meeting, we both felt we wanted to create a meaningful business together. What we mean by meaningful is a business with a strong purpose and a clear mission.

Our first joint project was to manage the plantation of Argan trees in Israel’s Negev Desert. Through this project, we really discovered the skincare industry and became passionate about refreshing the sector with a disruptive and meaningful innovation.

The eureka moment came on a beautiful summer day, 3 years ago. We were enjoying the Tel Aviv beach together with our wives when an elegant woman dressed in activewear walked past us with thick sunscreen that made her look like Casper The Ghost. Her sunscreen did not seem to fit the needs of her sweating skin and of the hot weather. At this very moment, we were convinced this woman needed a luxury natural brand specially designed for her active lifestyle and for her sweating skin.

We asked our wives what they thought about creating the first skincare solution for sweaty skin. They approved with a big YES. Two weeks later, we hired 2 of the best dermatology and botanical experts of Israel to launch research on the specific facial skincare needs of active women, who often sweat.


As men, what made you specialise in a product mainly aimed at women? 

FRÉ was imagined for women from the very beginning. Based on our surveys, we knew women were interested in luxury and natural skincare specially designed for sweating skin. Women tend to be more sophisticated and precise in the way they treat their skin than men!

We were also witnessing the boom of the athleisure sector among women and strongly felt the need for a skincare range formulated for those who loved working out and living a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, both Michael and I feel passionate about developing a brand that is supported by a community of strong women who have so much to give to the younger generations. Raising high, the flag of body positivity and women empowerment, is something we feel is needed and highly meaningful for us.


Did you seek advice from your wives with regards to your product and branding? 

You probably guess we benefit from a lot of advice and ideas from our wives and their friends. We hardly make a single move in terms of product development and branding without asking our them! Yamit and Tamy are both incredibly supportive. One of the reasons they have strongly encouraged us from the very beginning is because they felt the need for FRÉ and it was actually missing in their bathroom and gym bag before we launched the brand.


What do you think is the best long-term benefit of using FRE products? 

To be able to combine 2 important values: having an active life and healthy skin. With FRÉ, women can lead an active lifestyle, working out as much at they wish, and at the same time, have a glowing and fresh skin. No woman should suffer from premature aging and skin problems because she loves to workout. Another long-term benefit that is really important: for every skincare set sold, we plant an Argan Tree of Life and the long-term benefits of this simple act is huge for nature and for women communities who harvest Argan oil in Morocco.

Their Defense Moisturiser contains SPF30, perfect for those who love to sweat outdoors… Their Hydrating Facial Cleanser is designed to unclog sweaty skin post workout… and their Replenishing Serum is great for slathering on to lock in moisture and keep the skin dewy and plump.


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