We’ve all heard of the “Paleo” diet and in case you haven’t, it is the one where you eat like a caveman, where grains are a no no but you can gobble plenty of fish, eggs and almonds (read more here). The Paleo lifestyle has millions of followers globally including some hot bods like Megan Fox and Jessica Biel (clearly, there is something to it). So it is not surprising that London is now home to the UK’s first Paleo restaurant, where we can eat out like cavemen (well, almost).

Pure Taste opened this month in Notting Hill, West London, funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign. Clearly investors believed that the Paleo style of eating is more than just a fad. The brain behind Pure Taste is that of Holly Redman, a chemistry graduate turned nutritional therapist, nutrition lecturer and chef extraordinaire. Holly believes firmly in the Paleo way of living and as a coeliac, she has noticed the difference it has had on her health as well as the health of many of her nutritional therapy clients. As a result she wanted to show the world that Paleo doesn’t have to be bland and you can eat a lot of very yummy things, even chocolate tart.

The menu at Pure Taste is carefully put together, nutrient dense and delicious. And fear not, every single thing on the menu is coded so you know whether or not it is Whole 30 compliant, egg-free, nut-free, FODMAP compliant, vegan, low-carb etc. Oh, and in case it wasn’t obvious, everything is gluten-free and dairy-free. In short, there is something for everyone and it certainly isn’t just a place for the girls. They have grass-fed steaks and organic chicken plus their take on sticky toffee pudding is enough to win over those healthy food sceptics. Hip and Healthy also loves the fact that there are even petit-fours to have with your coconut milk coffee if a big pud is too much – mini healthy salted caramel and pecan brownies anyone? Yum!

As well as being a free-from heaven, Pure Taste is a fine dining experience. A lot of healthy eateries serve homely, wholesome dishes – the sort you would probably make at home – but Pure Taste presents exquisite, fancy-restaurant style plates (the sort you probably wouldn’t have time to whip up at home!). The restaurant even boasts biodynamic wines, gluten-free beers, superfood cocktails and mocktails.

At this time of year, when cheap chocolate, puddings and booze are aplenty, Pure Taste is a haven away from the stodge. Pure Taste leaves its diners feeling comfortably full, energised and quite virtuous – not a common sensation after a three course restaurant dinner in December.

Pure Taste is open 6 days a week (closed Mondays) for lunch and dinner. Bookings can be made online here or by phone 0207 727 5000. The website also has some interesting information about the Paleo diet, a few delicious recipes and the menu for those who like to browse yummy food before their dinner (who doesn’t love looking at a good menu!).

words by Kathleen Fleming