Welcome to Hip & Healthy’s 12 days of FITMAS! What is this, you might ask? For the 12 days leading up to Christmas day, we’re giving you a little insight into how some of our favourite wellness influencers are spending Christmas, their favourite parts of the festive season and little nuggets of wisdom!

On the 3rd day of FITMAS, we’re hearing from pilates queen and lifestyle blogger, Lottie Murphy!


How do you avoid over-indulgence during the festive period?
A little over-indulgence this time of year is okay in my books. I definitely drink a little more and can’t resist the box of roses and Lindt balls flying around but I never tend to overeat even on Christmas day. It’s not a comfortable feeling to be so so full and I kind of feel like it ruins the enjoyment of the food because you end up resenting why you ate so much and feeling awful after! So my tip during the festive season and all year round really would be to listen to your body.


What do you eat on Christmas Day?
Last year I made a nut roast for everyone and will be doing the same this year for my family Christmas at home on the 9th December as I’ll also be in Sweden on Christmas Day so I think it will be cured Salmon, lots of fika and glögg! A whole new experience! I have requested lots of honey roasted parsnips though! My fave.


What are you looking forward to in 2018?
Firstly my birthday, which is in January so I always get to see all my favourite people and do lovely fun things. And travelling more; I’m still so eager to see more of the world and experience different cultures, food and way of life. I’ve never been to Bali or India and I’d love to go back to New Zealand too. I’m also looking forward to my retreats, my Pilates teaching and continuing to enjoy and grow my business. I’m so grateful to love what I do.


A Christmas gift
Take any opportunity this festive season to be present and mindful. Whether it’s while you’re wrapping presents, making mince pies or listening to Christmas carols, focus on your breath, your posture and let go of any tension that may have crept into the body over the day or year. Let it go. Focus on the breath filling up the lungs and really expanding the ribcage out to the side to make room for that breathe and then empty it out on the exhale, allowing your chest and shoulders to soften. See this breath and these moments as cleansing you for the exciting new year ahead. If you struggle with relaxing and being mindful then 5 to 10 minutes of mat time, Pilates or yoga can really help. I have lots of short routines on my Youtube channel.

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