When two great minds come together with a combined mission, magical things happen and the story of Tapestry is a tale of that. Tapestry was set up by female duo, Maren and Rosy. Coming from the worlds of finance and politics, these two ladies collided and found a common thread, a passion to spark self-development in others and help them with mental mastery. Fascinated by people, the pair set out on a mission to make life coaching accessible to all and with that, Tapestry was born. 

The Tapestry philosophy weaves the latest developments in neuroscience and psychology with artistry in the form of creative thinking, visualisation, movement and expression. Offering ‘The Tapestry Edit’, a 6-part online workshop series that encompasses the full Tapestry connection journey, and a 6-week online mental fitness course guided through an app with online check-ins, Maren and Rosy endeavour to take you on a journey of self-development through their various modalities. New to their roster is retreats, an intimate, intense insight into The Tapestry Edit, taking you through all the steps over the course of 3 days. The very first retreat was held in Morocco, where I was lucky enough to join Maren and Rosy along with 12 guests in what would be a whirlwind of emotions. I wasn’t quite prepared for just how transformative 3 days could be, naively underestimating the power of human connection.

Jnane Tamsna in Marrakesh provided an idyllic setting for the Tapestry Retreat. Translating to ‘garden of paradise’, the boutique hotel matches its name exquisitely. Build on 60 hectares of fertile, thriving land, Jnane Tamsna is a family-run destination with a certain aura about it. Meryanne designed and landscaped the property herself with the help of her husband Gary, who just so happens to be an incredibly passionate botanist, sowing his seeds to create an abundant garden on the grounds of the hotel. Daughter, Thais, adds her touch through arts and culture, evolving the hotel with collaborative residencies with emerging artists and talents from across the globe. The architecture is stunning, with honey-hued washed walls, captivating artwork, an eclectic mix of furnishing, traditional Moroccan doorframes and endless trinkets that make the heart sing. Dotted around the wilderness of the gardens are countless pools that sit serenely amidst nature, inviting you in for a dip to escape the afternoon heat. Jnane Tamsna is the family’s home, and that is reflected in the way they treat their guests. Welcomed in like an old friend, Jnane Tamsna is a nature haven within the bustling vibrant city of Marrakesh and lends itself exceptionally to a journey of self-development.

Day 1 of our time together at Jnane Tamsna plunged us straight into the deep end. An invitation to be honest and vulnerable. Judgement was left behind and laser focus listening was embodied by each and every participant. From the opening introduction given by Maren and Rosy, I knew we were about to embark on something special, I was utterly mesmerised by their synergy, bouncing off each other so eloquently. A companion guide is issued to each retreater, acting as a bible throughout the Tapestry concept, which would later be filled with my most personal thoughts and dreams. Peeling back the armour we protect ourselves in, a beginners approach is encouraged, ‘be authentically you’ was a request that would help me get the most out of the process. Just be me, how hard could that be? It sounded simple, but it was astonishing to realise how much I hold back in my everyday life. Maybe I felt like I was burdening others by sharing my truths in the real world, but I quickly slipped into a trusting state, leaving inhibitions at the door.

Building the foundation for the self-development journey, we started by setting intentions and being as detailed and specific as possible to make these goals tangible. Establishing my values was such a humbling way to learn more about myself and what I truly believe is important. I instantly felt more connected to my child-like self, what did that little girl strive for, and what were her best traits…this lead me to my value set pretty quickly as funnily enough they haven’t really changed and have always been within me. From this I could forge my unique compass, what really mattered to me and where I was headed.

The darker, more painful process the Tapestry retreat delves into is recognising your saboteur. This is your false self, inner thoughts or dialogue that pull you down and attempt to intercept your potential. To stop your saboteur you have to be able to recognise it and stop it in its tracks. This workshop uncovers the inner critic that holds you back and then detaches it from you. Discussing these topics doesn’t come easy to most, it takes guts to speak vulnerably about our fears but it is so freeing. I left this session feeling lighter, I knew the traits my saboteur possessed and I now knew it served me no purpose.

On the flip side, it came as a tonic to unravel my ‘sage’. Your sage is your true essence, your greatest self. It roots your intuition and represents the mode in your brain that is the source of positivity. To tap into my sage, I reverted back to my values and began to map out what lights the fire inside of me, where my happiness stems from, where I strive to be and how to let the innate sense of sage guide me to my greatest self.

Concluding the undulating journey we’d been on, both physically and mentally, it was time to wrap up with establishing our wildest dreams and writing our life stories. Mentored to be as curious and as free with our speech as possible, I walked and talked out my dreams, subconsciously letting them flow into my conscious mind. To map out the chapters in our life story, we used visualisation to picture the storyboard of our life and what the future frame looks like. The final step on our journey was to write a letter as our future self; what had they achieved, where are they now, and what really mattered. Uniquely individual to every person, it was beautiful to listen to everyone’s end chapter in this intimate way. 

The sessions run for no longer than 90 minutes without a break, giving you a chance to decompress and take in what you’ve just learned. Workshops involve listening to the wisdom of Maren and Rosy, sharing one-by-one in the group and pair work which gets to the real nitty gritty. In pairs, we played the roles of the Storyteller, the one sharing and unpicking their thoughts and the Coach, the one listening with all attention and giving input when necessary. 

As our time drew to a close, a powerful energy surged between us as a group. Twelve strangers, bonded by vulnerability and intent listening. This opportunity to uncover truths about myself felt foreign to start with, how is it that I haven’t had this calibre of conversation with my nearest and dearest yet to a group of total strangers I was having word vomit of my most intrinsic thoughts, and that is the magic that Maren and Rosy create. Casting a net of sacred confidentiality over the group, the Tapestry duo set the standard by also sharing their truths, uniting us on all fronts. You’re 500 times more likely to achieve something if you share it with someone else, and I feel so blessed that it was this group of people that I got to share my endeavours with. 

I can’t quite fathom the words to fully explain the journey these two incredible ladies took me on. Ultimately the answers are within you, Maren and Rosy are simply holding up a mirror to allow you to look within yourself. It requires vulnerability and trust, and if you’re willing to let go, I can guarantee it will completely transform you and your way of thinking. It’s not often you are given the luxury of time to delve into your deepest thoughts in this way and Tapestry is your invitation to do so. Emotions will arise, walls will be broken down, compassion will be felt and you will leave renewed and full of clarity. I wish I could tuck Rosy and Maren in my pocket for when life gets tough but I think they’ve sufficiently done an incredible job of giving me the tools to tackle life’s challenges alone.

Tapestry’s next Marrakech wellness retreat is in November 2023. To register your interest and find out more about Tapestry’s range of offerings, click here

words by Isabelle Shury