As I near my 40th birthday… which in all honesty is the birthday I have felt the most anxious about (I know most people worry around their 30th birthday in terms of ageing and fertility etc) but by 40 I feel a need to pivot my priorities. Since having my gorgeous little boy 2 years ago.. everything has been about him and I most definitely have forgotten to think about my needs. I think this is partly due to the 4 years of fertility treatments, a high-risk pregnancy followed by a premature birth, my son just felt so incredibly precious and fragile. I poured myself into his whole existence and forgot about me. Don’t get me wrong, I know that despite all I have been through, I am one of the lucky ones, because I got him in the end. But now as we start to come out the other side (we are still in nappies so we aren’t totally on the other side yet ..and we are in the midst of the terrible twos… help!) and as I am about to turn 40, I am readdressing my better ageing “feel good” non-negotiables and starting to put myself first a little more.

For me feeling and looking my best go hand in hand, so these are some of my better ageing essentials, which will continue to help me hopefully look, feel, and live my best as I approach another decade.


Starting with my newest non-negotiable, and probably the most controversial… Botox! This is something I honestly never thought I would do. Working at Hip and Healthy and with natural beauty being at the forefront of my mind, it never felt right for me. Until now. I never wanted to look frozen and always prided myself on using ultra-natural skincare, but as I started to approach my 40s the wrinkles on my forehead (despite having always been told what amazing skin I had) were making me feel so insecure. It was the only thing I saw in the mirror! So, I decided to give Botox a go. I was apprehensive…….but Wow! I loved it! Dr Nicola at Skin Studio London is genuinely a magician and extremley knowledgeable. Priding herself on ensuring you look as natural as possible, she listened to my every concern and made me feel totally at ease. The process was completely pain-free and the before and after photos are remarkable. For me, it has brought back so much confidence in myself and my skin. Possibly as a result of waiting to have it done in my late 30s, no one (not even my best friends) thought I had Botox, but just commented that my skin is looking incredible, and I can honestly say, I agree! So at nearly 40, botox has now become my better ageing, non-negotiable and given me the confidence boost that felt right for me personally, at this stage of my life.

Vitamin A

As a huge Sarah Chapman fan I recently learnt of the power of Vitamin A as the ultimate better ageing ingredient during one of my facials. Not only are their facials my all time favourite for instantly glowing skin but I also leave with a fountain of knowledge.

Apparently, as we get older, we need to look for more advanced actives in our skincare as collagen production starts to drop in our mid-to-late 20s and by our 40s (here I come), collagen drops dramatically so formulas rich in collagen-boosting peptides and antioxidants help to repair damage at a cellular level. Vitamin A is an essential ingredient as it is a proven rejuvenator. This powerful active minimises the appearance of wrinkles by boosting the thickness and elasticity of the skin and slows down the breakdown of collagen. It also accelerates the life cycle of skin cells, allowing for new cell growth underneath the surface. I was advised to introduce Vitamin A slowly into my beauty routine with the Overnight Facial Elixir which instantly became a staple in my bedtime routine (waking up to glowing skin is the ultimate confidence booster) but since upgrading to their most potent cosmetic-grade form of vitamin A in their Icon Day moisturiser I am obsessed. The difference in my skin tone is honestly revolutionary, it feels smooth and plump and bright.. but I am not sure why I am surprised as everything Sarah Chapman does gets a big YES from me. 


Supplements are a key part of maintaining our health and one of my favourites is collagen. Both for my skin, but it also helps with my joints ( arthritis runs in the family). With all supplements consistency is key and JS Health is definitely the authority on supplements. The Vitality x Collagen Powder tastes amazing, so I look forward to taking it in the morning and I really do see and feel the difference. From Skin elasticity and firmness, hair strength and fewer wrinkles to more supple joints ( which without this elixir, I honestly cannot make the gym in the morning, due to pain) and a boost in immunity this powder is essential to keep me going, but also looking and feeling as good as I possibly can. 

Skincare Tool 

Skincare Tools have always been one of my all-time favourite things! I don’t think there is a tool I haven’t tried in my many years of better ageing. But the one that has stood the test of time, is my trusted and much-loved LED mask from Currentbody. It is part of my bedtime ritual, nearly every single day and I never go on holiday without it. The immediate effects of the long-term benefits are incredible. Currentbody really is the pioneer in skincare technology and their LED mask is the cult favourite. If you have seen Emily In Paris you will recall in the opening scene of Season 2 “Emily’s LED mask” moment, as a big nod to modern skincare – even supermodels have been spotted with this specific LED tech and you just have to look to Kate Moss for inspiration. If it’s good enough for Emily and Kate, it’s definitely good enough for me.