With summer holidays fast approaching and bikinis creeping out of the woodwork, panic is setting in across the country, and now more than ever we are ready to do what it takes to get truly bikini ready!

However, with life carrying on as usual, we can’t take a week off, before our actual week off, to hit the gym for numerous hours a day and eat little more than celery, and nor do we want to!

Luckily for you, here at H&H, we have put together a list of some of our favourite juice cleanses available to you this summer, meaning that without putting your current life on hold, you could well be flaunting your toned, bloat-free bodies on beaches worldwide in as little as 3 days! It really isn’t too late – hooray!

Most of the companies below offer 3 levels of juice cleanses, catering for those with limited and extensive juicing pasts, so it is important to consider which level might suit you best, ensuring that you challenge your mind and body, but not to the extent that you put yourself off delicious juiced fruit and veg for life!

Imbibery London offers a build your own cleanse option, as well as some of their own cleanses. All of the Imbibery cleanses are £85 per day and include smaller shots of goodness alongside bulkier and more substantial juices.

The Canyon Juicery
The Canyon Juicery delivers across London directly from their store in Notting Hill on the same day that you make your order, offering a mouthwatering selection of cold pressed juices. Starting at £75 for a one day cleanse, with 6 juices, and £245 for a 3 day cleanse, these prices sit comfortably within the going rate for juice cleanses in London.

Crude Juice
Crude Juice is a relatively new to the market competitor in the cold-pressed juice world – but it sure is making its mark! With prices starting from £65 for a 1 day cleanse and £195 for 3 days, they are definitely offering a slightly cheaper and tempting alternative to some of the more well-established names out there.

Raw to Door
This cold-pressed juice company, founded by former model, Natasha, was built on personal experience about the power of healing through cleansing the body. Raw to Door offers a minimum of 3 day cleanses from between £215 – £230, but can cater to the most ambitious of you out there with up to 10 day cleanses available too!

Botanic Lab
The Botanic Lab juice cleanses are considerably less expensive than others currently on the market, but seem not to have compromised in quality. With a 1 day cleanse at £25 and a 3 day cleanse at £85, there is no real reason not to give cold-pressed juices a go!

The Source
The Source is another recently established London-based cold-pressery, offering delicious fruit and vegetable based drinks and a choice of cleanses to suit you juicing needs and experience. As to be expected, a 1 day cleanse comes in at £80, and a 3 day cleanse for £240.

Nosh Detox is was founded in 2008 and has since had excellent reviews of its products. Nosh Detox offers a number of juice and cleansing programmes and starts at around £200 for a beginners juice cleanse. However, there is a special offer for you H&H readers – the Organic Green Cleanse (usually £240/3days) is available to you lovelies for just £99, so why not give it a try!

Now stocked on Ocado, the amazing juices by Plenish are available nationwide, bringing cold-pressed juice to the entire country. We are huge fans of their Cashew Milk, which is a must-try for any nut milk virgins.

words by Cecilia Kristiansen