Rejuvenation Redefined

When it comes to luxury skincare that delivers outstanding results, a brand that has consistently stood out for its innovation and commitment to cutting-edge formulations is 111SKIN. Founded by world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, with 20+ years of surgical experience at his Harley Street Clinic, the brand has earned a cult-like status among beauty enthusiasts and celebrities alike – and for good reason. At the heart of 111SKIN’s transformative line-up is the Repair Serum NAC Y²™, a potent elixir that has redefined the art of skin rejuvenation by slowing down the ageing process and quite literally turning back time by visibly reducing wrinkles, stressed skin and even sun damage. 

The Science Behind the Skincare

The Repair Serum NAC Y²™ isn’t your run-of-the-mill serum. It’s a result of meticulous research and scientific advancements that have brought skincare to an entirely new echelon. At the core of its formulation lies the NAC Y²™ complex, a proprietary blend of potent ingredients curated to target the signs of aging and environmental stressors. NAC (an advanced amino acid with reparative properties) works in harmony with vitamin C and Escin, enhancing the serum’s antioxidant capacity whilst supporting the skin’s natural repair mechanisms. And if you weren’t convinced on the science alone then 111SKIN also conducted a number of studies to back up their incredible results-driven formulas. Not only is this serum proven to restore healthy skin in just two weeks, 92% of consumers also agreed that fine lines were visibly reduced and their skin boasted a healthy glow after just four weeks. 

Only a small amount of this rich serum is needed to reap its benefits, and almost instantly you can experience its plumping effects as this super serum instantly increases hydration levels by a whopping 165%. Dr. Yannis’ MD groundbreaking formula is designed to combat the toll that modern life takes on our skin. From daily stressors such as pollution and UV rays to more extreme conditions like prolonged exposure to sun and wind from things like skiing and extreme heat, the Repair Serum NAC Y²™ acts as a shield, offering unparalleled protection against these aggressors and nourishing the skin once you return. By bolstering the skin’s defence mechanisms and boosting glutathione (which serves as an antioxidant and regenerator) production, this serum empowers your skin to fend off damage and maintain a radiant, youthful complexion whilst also getting to work on healing any prior damage that has been done.

Results That Speak Volumes

First developed 11 years ago, Dr. Yannis MD gave the formula a facelift of its very own this year by boosting the formula’s concentration by four times making it even more potent and effective than the original. Using niosome encapsulation technology, the serum can penetrate deeper into the skin helping slow down any signs of ageing even further. Celebrities and skincare aficionados have raved about the transformative power of this elixir. A-listers like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Anniston and Victoria Beckham have all sworn by 111SKIN’s products, which have the Repair Serum NAC Y²™ at the heart of the 111Skin skincare rituals. The serum’s ability to deliver visible results, combined with cutting-edge science and technology and a founder at its helm that understands the skin’s complex makeup at a deep level, has cemented its place as a must-have in the world of beauty. If you were to invest in just one product to improve your skin – this would be it. 

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