Here at Hip & Healthy we’re all about finding ways to ensure we’re living our most active lives, and whilst sometimes there’s nothing’s better than a solo yoga session on a Saturday morning or an evening run after work to clear our heads – when it comes to keeping it consistent, there’s no better individual to hold us accountable than a buddy! Here’s why…


When we’re stuck on an important decision or lacking in will power, we find that turning to our friends for guidance is the best way to get our thoughts together and fill us with a newfound sense of determination to pursue what we know deep down is best for us. Whether it’s dealing with a nasty breakup, or in this case getting our sweat on – you should always be able to count on your bestie to motivate you into achieving whatever you set out to do.


Whilst it’s easy to cancel a Pilates class or call in sick to a personal training session, one person that isn’t so hard to fool is your bestie – especially if it’s her you were out with the night before! Having a friend to hold you accountable is a surefire way to keep you on the right track, and you’ll also feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that you too have helped your workout partner-in-crime stick to her fitness goals.

Mixing it up

If you’re yet to try one of the many fitness classes that require a partner to participate in – then this should be more than enough to get you buddying up! From obstacle courses to boxing, if your new to fitness or bored of your usual routine, partnered sports is a great way to get excited about moving your body in a new and exciting way.

Make new friends

If you’re friends aren’t as in to fitness as you are – do not fret! By starting out solo and attending group fitness sessions or spending time at the gym, you’ll be sure to make new friends who share your passion for working out. To get started, reach out to people you meet in a fitness class or at yoga and suggest you team up once a week and train together! We think it’s all the more satisfying to share fitness successes and achievements with another person – especially when they can see the progress you’ve made over your time together.

Words by Zsa Zsa Vella

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