First things first, a confession, I am a hypochondriac. I have also been known to suffer from anxiety and by “suffering from anxiety” I mean, I’ve experienced panic attacks, been kept awake at night worrying, and done the weirdest things in moments of anxiety that no one can really understand the logic behind. For example, I once called our then nanny, who was taking our 4-month-old baby boy, Max (who’s now 5) to Planet Organic in the baby carrier, because I was genuinely worried that the croissant that she was going to buy for herself was going to accidentally fall into his mouth. Looking back on that particular moment I am not even sure what I was worried about, but I was worried enough to make sure that she was not going to eat it near him. Thankfully, she was the most understanding person I have ever met (we are now besties) and just politely obliged my total bizarre and utterly ridiculous request. I tell you this because I genuinely have come to terms with the fact that there is no cure for my worrying, and when the pandemic hit it played to my weak spots in every way. The thought of an uncontrollable disease that we know nothing about – utterly terrifying. Add to that being cooped up at home with two children under five and we are talking extreme levels of crazy lady Sadie. So when our Content Editor asked me to personally review a variety of CBD products I jumped at the chance.

As I mentioned in my previous article a CBD for Beginners, CBD is still fairly new to the wellness world, but its benefits have not gone unnoticed. Most evidence is anecdotal but numerous studies are also currently underway to prove CBD’s power. From pain relief to reducing anxiety, it’s been hailed as a natural alternative to many medications that cause some unwanted side effects. Here are some of the CBD products that I really enjoyed trying in lockdown that helped ease my anxiety or helped me reach that level of calm often only achieved by visiting a spa!

My LifeLine Cold-Brew CBD Coffee 
Starting the day with a cold brew coffee from My Lifeline is extraordinary. With all the kick of a normal iced coffee, but none of the jitters and increased anxiety due to the added CBD – this coffee is the stuff dreams are made of. I like my coffee a bit milk so experimented a bit with adding oat milk and whizzing it up in the blender… delicious.

When it comes to CBD Oils/drops finding the right dosage is crucial to getting your desired effect. A recent report on the CBD market conducted by CBII in partnership with Protein Agency found that “younger generations are embracing an experimental approach to wellbeing by testing different {CBD} brands, applications and dosages to find their individual ‘sweet spots’”. This is super important and I would advise anyone starting out on their journey to start with CBII’s 1% CBD Oil – it will help give you that calming effect without making you too sleepy!

Pollen CBD Gummies
In terms of anxiety, these tasty drops of heaven were the most effective remedy. They come in three different flavours attached to three desired outcomes, they are; No Pressure; Powerbank; and Soothe You with my favourite being the latter. The dosage is around 2-3 gummies a day and I definitely noticed a decrease in my stress levels. There were zero side effects, only benefits. I felt calmer and when I got to the end of the day I just realised that my mind had not whirled at its usual breakneck speed that I am used to. At £35 per box, which contains 30 gummies in it can feel expensive but I really felt that the results are totally worth it and in all , I just can’t put a price on how great it feels to feel more calm and collected. I’m recommending them to everyone I know!

Kloris Soothing No-Rinse CBD Hand Sanitiser
The ultimate product for my anxiety – a hand sanitiser that has CBD in it! YOu may ask yourself why a hand sanitiser needs CBD added to it, to which Kloris have the answer “There are now numerous studies that show CBD works with the skin’s CB2 Endocannabinoid system receptors to help reduce inflammation created by irritation from external sources (e.g. harsh products, pollution etc) and to actively strengthen the skin’s barrier function by encouraging optimum functioning”. Anything to help keep my hands clean without making them look and feel 102 years old I am down for!

OTO Night Eye Treatment
Picking just one OTO product was super hard for me as I love so many of their range, but the Night Eye Treatment really stood out as being something super soothing, whilst reducing any puffiness and it smells divine – which is no mean feat for a CBD product. High-quality CBD is combined with carrot-seed oil, lavender and helichrysum essential oil, which create a powerful and healing blend. During the summer I tend to react to pollen by getting itchy and dry eyes and this Night Eye Treatment has been incredible at keeping all that at bay.

Aurelia CBD Serum
Known for their results-driven range of probiotic skincare, this CBD serum is Aurelia’s first foray into the CBD world and they hit the nail on the head! Having tried a few CBD serums, I honestly loved this one the most. Scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, the serum had a light consistency that was absorbed by my skin beautifully. It definitely helped to reduce my spots – something that CBD is known for – plus it also helps smooth out wrinkles and increase hydration. Using pure CBD crystals instead of oil, Aurelia say that by forming CBD crystals they can be much more exacting and effective in the amounts used in their products as opposed to using CBD oil, which can have a tendency to be diluted when used in skincare formulas and contains impurities from the extraction process. 

Meda CBD Drinks
Anyone who has tried a CBD drink will know that it is not easy to make CBD taste nice – that is until Meda burst onto the scene. Their array of CBD drinks come in six different flavours and six different wellness goals – from Calm to Glow, Sleep to Focus they’ve got you covered. Not only do they taste great but they are 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free, low calorie and made in the UK, plus they also include delicious health optimising ingredients such as nootropics, adaptogens and nutrients. What’s not to love. 

Cannaray Aloe and Arnica Skin Cream
Cannaray really is a CBD with a difference – their products combine natural ingredients such as arnica and aloe with the power of CBD to create amazing results for problem areas. I used their Aloe and Arnica Skin Cream on a patch of Psoriasis I have on my foot (lovely, I know!) and it reduced the inflammation and soothe the incessant itching – in, it worked so well that I have become religious at putting it on before going to bed – I have already noticed a difference in the immediate symptoms and am excited to see if there are lasting benefits to the irritated area. 

CannabiGold Terpenes+ Capsules
One of the original pioneer’s in the CBD market, CannabiGold, have launched their new Terpenes+ capsules in a range of strengths so that you can find the correct one for you. Because they are capsules you don’t have to think about dosage as you follow the instructions on the box, plus they are completely tasteless so easy to swallow! Terpenes are organic compounds that can be found in great abundance in almost every plant and they are the source of specific tastes and fragrances in natural flora. They act in synergy with CBD to create a beneficial ‘entourage effect’ basically making the CBD even more effective in delivering results.

words by Sadie Reid