You wouldn’t be a true Brit if, after complaining all winter about how desperate you were to feel the heat again, you’re now moaning about it being too hot! It’s all good, you’re not alone! One thing the hot weather really disrupts is sleep so we’re sharing some simple ways manage sleeping in the heat. Here’s what to Buy, DIY & Try!


Tisserand Cooling Summer Spritz
Utilising Tisserand’s Lemon, Palmarosa and Lavender Essential Oils, you can create your own cooling mist that is instantly calming and refreshing and something you can reach for at night when the heat is making you feel frazzled. Mix 40 ml filtered water with 10 ml of witch hazel in a 50ml atomiser spray bottle.

Add the following essential oils: 

 Shake well before each use. Label and date, use within the month. 

Invest in a portable air conditioner
Yes, this is a bit of an investment, but despite the UK’s bad reputation for washed-out summers, we do tend to get a fair few heatwaves each year, which in our opinion, justifies getting a portable air con unit. If every year you think, “next year I’ll get one” then just bite the bullet now. Your future self will thank you. The best ones are those that require ducting out a door or window. Once you feel that cool fresh air, you’ll not look at your bog-standard fan the same way ever again!



Cold fannels
If you struggle to drift off in the heat, cold flannels will help you out big time. They might not be a remedy that lasts all night long but a cold flannel that’s been kept in the fridge for a couple of hours before bed feels so good draped over your legs or tummy. 

Sleep naked!
There tends to be two camps, those who like to sleep in their birthday suit or those that bundle themselves up in a cocoon of PJs no matter what time of year. If the heat is stealing your precious eight hours, then ditch the pyjamas and embrace the nude. You don’t really want to be sweating in your favourite pair of PJs now do you? Plus, the fabric might be causing you to overheat unnecessarily and might not allow your skin to breathe. 



Keep windows and curtains/shutters closed
We know this sounds like the complete opposite of what you should do when the sun is beating it down but by keeping your windows open, you’re just letting hot air into your house. If it’s baking outside, there’s little use for keeping windows open. Keep them closed and close your curtains or shutters during the day to keep your house as cool and as dark as possible. Once night falls and temperatures start to drop, open your windows to help ventilate your home for the last few hours before bed. Trust us on this one.

Keep face spritz in the fridge
Want to take that Tisserand face spritz to another level? Store it in the fridge! Your trusty fridge is a great place to store lots of beauty products (your eye cream and jade roller are a must!) so utilise it’s cooling skills to your advantage.

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