We have all found ourselves at some point feeling stuck in a gym rut. Felling as though you’ve hit a plateau in your routine can leave you feeling a bit lost on how to move forward. Whether that be due to a simple lack of motivation or failure to see any results, we all want to know how to beat the dreaded fitness plateau. Mixing up your routine and keeping both your mind and body guessing is a great place to start when in search for some new motivation. It can be very easy to fall into a routine of doing the same exercises day in day out but challenge yourself to think of something new to try. So next time you feel yourself heading towards a fitness plateau why not try mixing things up with some of these tips of pushing past plateaus. 

Time to try a new fitness class
Having a trainer at hand to motivate you, maybe all you need to help reignite your workout routine. With the boost of a little healthy competition, a new class is a great way to push your body and try something new. The versatility of classes available means you can explore a whole range of different fitness classes from boxing to barre and HIIT to hot yoga. Class culture opens new doors to connecting with like-minded people as well as the opportunity of finding a new passion. Trying a new class is a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone whilst hopping back on the fitness bandwagon. The London fitness scene is booming with new classes popping up the whole time, so there always is a new class to try. 

We love…  

  • F45 This super sweaty, intense HIIT style training is sure to leave you on an endorphin high, all in just 45 minutes. Designed with a team aspect in mind F45 brings together a global community of fitness enthusiasts for targeted functional workouts. 
  • SoulCycle Straight from the ‘Big Apple’ comes SoulCycle. This global phenomenon is sure to leave even the most experienced spinners wanting more. This low-lit 60-bike studio room offers a spinning haven for good vibes and motivation leaving you ready for the day ahead. 
  • Kobox This boxing studio is a perfect place to release some pent up physical or emotional energy. Combining boxing with cardio and strength work there is no better place to give boxing a try than at a Kobox gym. 
  • Barrecore For those looking for a less sweaty but by no means less intense workout a barre class may be the perfect option. Barrecore’s BarreSIGNATURE class brings together high intensity with low impact resulting in an intense full-body workout for a longer, leaner physique. 
  • Yoga on the Lane This picture-perfect yoga studio brings together a welcoming community ready for a positive and soothing workout. With a range of classes available for all levels, Yoga on the Lane makes practising yoga accessible to all. 

Buddy up
There’s nothing like being made to feel accountable than agreeing to do something with a friend. Getting a friend on board with your fitness plan means not only are you less likely to hit snooze on the alarm, but you may also be more inclined to go and try a few new classes. Yes, gym intimidation can be a thing, but with a familiar face, you have no reason not to get involved with a class you’ve always wanted to try or rock up to try a new gym. If competition is what you thrive on, then buddying up provides constant motivation, making that fitness plateau you were in a thing of the past. 

Switch up the location
If you find yourself wondering aimlessly wandering around the gym or feeling bored when pounding the treadmill, switching up location could be the answer. Whether that means stepping out of the gym altogether and going outdoors or switching to a new gym temporarily. Changing the space in which you work out can really help with finding new motivation. Alternatively, make your home your gym. With so many apps now available it’s easy to bring a personal trainer to you. Nike training club, Aaptiv and Sworkit are just a few of the many services available at the tap of a screen.

Make time for some R&R
Are you working out too much? The first thing that comes to mind when hitting a plateau in our training is that we aren’t training frequently or hard enough. There is however a chance that you are in fact overtraining and facing ‘burn-out’. Taking some much-needed rest and relaxation may be all it takes to come back bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. How far you chose to go with this is up to you. Maybe give that 6 am workout tomorrow a miss and swap it for an extra hours sleep. For those wanting to take it a step forward, a relaxing weekend away may be on the cards. A few days away from the routine will make the next time you put on your trainer’s whole lot easier.

Set yourself a challenge
There is nothing better to beat boredom with than a new challenge. Setting challenges however big or small give a new focus. For some it may be wanting to run a marathon, others may want to do their first pull up or be able to bash out one more burpee, whatever your challenge is set it now! Once you’ve decided on a goal, it’s time to work towards smashing it. Choosing a proper challenge will push you out of your comfort zone and therefore push your training to the max. Switching up your workout style may be the only way to reach it, so push yourself. Set a realistic time frame and get working towards that date. 

Next time you feel yourself hitting a fitness plateau, don’t worry just try and mix things up. Before you know it you will have forgotten all about it and be well on the way to a fitter you. 

words by Jessica Jouning

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