They say you are what you eat and this also rings true to what you put on your skin. Earlier this year, The Soil Association predicted that natural and organic beauty sales would reach £34b by the end of the year. It’s clear from the recent surge in sales and this mammoth prediction, we’re much more aware of what we absorb through our largest organ. However, an industry that appears to be trailing behind is the world of fragrance. Dominated by global perfume houses, it’s been slow on the uptake when it comes to embracing the consumer’s growing desire for more natural fragrance. We’ve often wondered why fragrance has lagged behind… founder of NEOM, Nicola Elliott says “I think it’s largely due to demand. People haven’t always been so clued up about the ingredients that are used in fragrance, combined with the fact that synthetic perfumes are favoured due to their strength and how long they last on the skin. However, consumers have become far more knowledgeable about the irritations caused by synthetic ingredients and are reading labels more carefully than ever before!”

So, before you pump another spritz of your beloved Coco Mademoiselle, let us explain why your perfume collection might need a revamp, for the sake of your health.

Would you be surprised to discover that your favourite floral scent might not actually contain any flowers at all? Or your fruity pick-me-up might not contain any real fruit extracts? Many perfumes are formulated with entirely lab-produced ingredients, meaning they are completely synthetic. What’s more, the ingredients used to prolong the perfume’s scent and shelf life are highly toxic. From carcinogenic ingredients like pyridine, benzophenone, methyl eugenol and styrene to petroleum-based chemicals, your perfume could be responsible for skin rashes, headaches, migraines, triggering allergies and even disrupting your hormones. 

Although big-name perfume houses still have a way to go, there are some gorgeous natural fragrance brands that still offer that luxurious element of buying and using perfume, just without the chemical shit storm of ingredients! From 100% natural to most natural and hand-crafted to ethically produced, here are the best natural fragrance brands below.


Strange Invisible Perfumes

Strange Invisible

All the luxe vibes and none of the nasties, Strange Invisible is one of our favourites brands for a 100% natural perfume. Their essences are completely natural and are distilled from certified organic plants and they don’t use any animal products, with the exception of their organic honeycomb.



Abel is an all-round winner for being totally natural and eco-friendly, it’s got everything going for it! At just shy of £100 for 50ml, it’s price tag might be off-putting, but sourcing ingredients from ethical suppliers and maintaining a high standard for sustainability comes at a price. One we are more than willing to pay!

Abel white vetiver


Sana Jardin

Sana Jardin

Sana Jardin is primarily a vehicle for social change to empower women through their Beyond Sustainability Movement. Your perfume’s journey starts in Morroco with a community of women who, with the help of Sana Jardin’s financial and educational opportunities, handpick the floral ingredients that get blended into some truly unique scents. Our favourite being Revolution De La Fleur, all fragrances are free of phthalates, artificial colourants, parabens and formaldehyde, with no animal testing used.



Another brand championing the natural movement is master perfumery, Walden. Made from only the finest natural absolutes, resins and essential oils, they are handmade in small batches without a chemical in touching distance. Offering Eau de Parfum, Perfume Oils and Perfume Sprays, there’s something for everyone.

Walden A Little Star dust


Neom Perfume


Long-term readers of Hip & Healthy will know we are huge fans of NEOM. Their 100% natural perfume is the latest addition to their sumptuous range of candles and body care and we couldn’t not include it in our roundup. It’s an uplifting scent with hints of grapefruit, lemon and rosemary and is designed to boost your energy and your mood!


Le Labo

Free of parabens and phthalates (and vegan-friendly), artisanal New York perfume house, Le Labo offers a variety of hand-crafted scents that are really quite unique. Although some of their perfumes do contain a small amount of synthetic musk Le Labo is a great, high-end choice for something a little more natural.

Le Labo fragrance

Stories Parfums

Founder, Tonya developed her first two perfumes, STORIES No. 01 and STORIES No. 02, using only the finest raw materials sourced from all over the world. Tonya employed time-honoured, traditional methods to formulate the perfumes while trusting her intuition to bring balance to the collection. STORIES Parfums is more than a range of luxurious beauty products, it is a journey of transformation.