Blemishes are no longer confined to our teenage years; adult acne affects many people and if you’ve tried everything from cutting out dairy to getting a daily dose of detoxing juice, then it might be time to overhaul your beauty regime. I’m a huge advocate of natural and organic beauty, and since greenifying my beauty cabinet have seen a big change in my spot prone skin. Whilst I’m not going to pretend my face is flawless these days, I have eliminated my cystic acne and know exactly how to handle my breakouts.

My number one weapon of choice for combatting skin woes is the Viridian Clear Skin Complex. Out of all the supplement brands out there, Viridian are one that I feel I can really rely on for their purity and effectiveness. One of the hero herbs in this blend is burdock root, which known for its blood purifying properties; all of those pesky toxins that would otherwise exit through your skin as blemishes are flushed out by its detoxifying power. If that wasn’t enough, it also contains a probiotic blend of lactobacillus bulgaricus and acidophilus alongside bifido bacteria, helping to keep the gut in check. If you’re a seasoned healthista, you’ll already know that this too will make sure your body is getting rid of troublesome toxins.

But of course, whilst tackling acne has to start from the inside, you can’t overlook a good skincare regime. Forget aggressive treatments and tread gently – the likelihood is that if your skin is blemish prone, it’s also sensitive. No one knows sensitive skin quite like British brand Pai Skincare, and their Copaiba & Zinc Perfect Balance Blemish Serum is a one-way ticket to a clear and calm complexion. This milky serum isn’t your usual blemish busting suspect; it’s hydrating rather than drying, and sits comfortably on the skin without the feeling that it might just burn a layer or two off. If you’ve tried a fair few of the concoctions out there touted as acne fixes, you’ll know that feeling! It turns out this softly-does-it approach has something to it, as a clinical trial found that the Copaiba complex in their formula was capable of reducing blemishes by 72% and sebum 65% when applied daily for 8 weeks.* Since introducing this skin saviour into my own routine, I can’t argue with those results.

Without a doubt, one of the things that really turned my skin around was permanently introducing facial oils into my skincare regime. Where I was once constantly bringing out the blotting papers, my oil production is much more balanced. By fighting oil with oil, you actually train your skin to produce only what it needs. Pure, organic jojoba and rosehip oil are good places to start, but if you want something that’s the next step up then Odacite’s Pure Elements Concentrates can target skin issues head on. Despite the fact the bottles are small, what’s inside packs a punch. If you are suffering from stubborn acne, then the Oily Acne Prone formula is best. Consisting of just grapeseed and grapefruit oil (plus a dash of vitamin E), its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties will help calm down any active redness as well as preventing new blemishes.

Now, who’s looking forward to ditching the concealer and going barefaced?

*Source Pai Skincare

Words by Mayah Parmenter | www.callitvanity.com

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