Hot yoga, swimming, steam rooms, helmets, messy sweaty buns… They can all take a toll on your tresses. If you’re an avid gym-goer, it’s important to show some extra lovin’ to your locks. We’ve reviewed some of the best clean brands on the market to give you the low-down on what we’re loving, and also included some great DIY recipes to give your hair a nutritious homemade boost.

Sukin Protein Shampoo – From Australia, this baby is enriched with rice and wheat proteins, along with avocado, jojoba, rosehip and Vitamin E. The mixture definitely packs a punch and the end result is a stronger, voluminous set of locks.  Forget those fly-aways; the protein will strengthen and help prevent breakages. However, it’s not really fragranced, so if you’re looking for something to cover up your gym scents, it’s probably not going to suffice.

Jason Vitamin E Conditioner – We love Jason products because they are affordable, while staying clean and nontoxic. This antioxidising formula helps fight environmental stressors (great for cyclists and pollution exposure during commutes!). The rich conditioner make hair manageable without weighing it down, and it’s suped up with a blend of Vitamin A, C and E to regenerate your hair. Smells lush too!

Rahua Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner – After loving Rahua’s Finishing Treatment, we were really keen to try their shampoo conditioner duo. Rahua uses ingredients from the Amazon: a truly unique blend of quinoa, palo salto, coconut and shea butter. The combo is very rich, perfect for dry and distressed locks and the after effect is of nice fullness and shine. We love the scent, it just smells so wholesome and nutritious!

John Masters Organic Shampoo – It takes a few washes to get used to this one. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is a suspected carcinogen along with posing many other health risks, is absent in their formula. What that means is that that familiar lathering sensation – think herbal herbal essences ad, bubbles everywhere and squeaky clean hair – just doesn’t happen. Which is weird at first, it feels almost waxy (stick with it), but the end result isn’t compromised. Post-wash hair is clean, smooth and so soft. I’ve tried both the lavender (smells divine) or evening primrose (promotes hair growth) and both have done wonders in keeping my blonde hair hydrated and prolonging my highlights. Big thumbs up.

Are you a serious swimmer? Give our Swim Cap a whirl; the Vitamin C strengthens the hair follicle and protects it against the harsh chemical in pools. Bamboo and rose hydrolat helps to repair and tone thin hair, while passionfruit oil is a hair power oil; it regenerates and nourishes fine or dry hair without making it greasy.

  • 20ml Bamboo Hydrolat
  • 10ml Rose Hydrolat
  • 10ml Passionfruit Oil
  • 5g Vitamin C Powder

Directions: Dissolve the vitamin c powder in the hydrolat (floral water) and then add the passionfruit oil. The water and oil will separate, so you can use a natural emulsifier if you like, however we quite like the look when it separates. Just shake well before application.

If you’re tight on time, a homemade hair mask is always a winner. Mash up some coconut oil and avocado, wrap in a hot towel and relax over a matcha latte. Give your hair a good wash and the end result will be nourished and shiny, ready for your next round of kettlebells.

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