Fuel first thing with a good breakfast


During the Christmas season we tend to eat more and because of this many of us decide that it would be a great idea therefore not to eat much in the morning so that when we eat later in the day we won’t feel as bad. Is this a good idea? No. It’s a terrible idea. You are setting yourself up for a fall. When you don’t eat in the morning you don’t even give your metabolism a chance – it will slow right down as you become more hungry throughout the day as it is worried about where it’s next meal will come from.

Start the day with a hot water to flush out all the toxins that your body has been busy working to get rid of over-night. Then have a good healthy and fuelling breakfast. A recent study done by the clever people at University of Alabama at Birmingham showed that mice who consumed a high-fat morning meal burned more fat throughout the day than those who ate a carb-rich dish. There are such things as healthy fats like nuts and avocado. So top your porridge with some delicious nuts or slice up an avocado with your egg. Not only will you feel fuller for longer, your blood sugar levels will be more stable, your metabolism will be happier (helping you to burn more throughout the day) but you will be less likely to snack on sugary Christmas foods that will no doubt be an arm’s length away.

If you really don’t want to sit down to a big meal first thing try our fig, lime, poppyseed and cashew smoothie. Just click here for the recipe.