We bring you a Healthy Guide to Paris by top Nutritionist, Madeleine Shaw (www.madeleineshaw.com)

Until recently I was living in the wonderful city of Paris. When I first got the job, I was daunted to be living in the land of bread, cheese, and cream. However, I was amazed to discover the incredible emergence of real healthy living in this beautiful city once famed for it’s rich food and fine wine.


Au Grain de Folie
A vegetarian and vegan hub. This cheery place has a menu that’s pretty much macrobiotic, with lots of different types of veggies cooked and presented in many mouthwatering ways. One of their meals does contain fish (it’s delicious), and they also have amazing juices to compliment your meal. 24, rue de Vieuville, 75018. Tel. 01 42 58 15 57. Open Tuesday – Sunday, 1:00pm -2:30, and 7:30-10:30.

Phyto Bar
This innovative spot hosts delicious organic meatwild fish, organic veggies, as well as beautiful organic wine and champagne47, Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005. Tel: 01 44 07 36 99. Open daily from 12pm – 12am.

La Chandelle Verte
This place has the elegance and scrumptiousness of a typical French Bistro, but is bursting with nourishing, organic goodness. 40 rue d’Enghien, 75010. Tél. 01 47 70 25 44. Open Monday to Friday, for lunch only, from noon until 2pm.

Bob’s Kitchen
This place had the coolest energy! Drop in here for freshly pulped bespoke juices. They have great, comforting vegetarian food too. 74 rue de Gravilliers; 75003. Open Mon-Fri 08-3pm. Sat-Sun 10-4pm.

American-style restaurant where you can get a great organic piece of steak. All their meat is organic and hormone-free. There’s outdoor seating, and wonderful opulent interiors. Heavenly setting for a hearty meal173 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Tel. 75006. +33 1 44 77 76 00


NaturaliaLa Vie Bio, Bio GénérationBioCoop are scattered all over Paris. They contain the usual things you hope to find at health food stores: fresh produce, healthy snacks, chemical-free toiletries and yummy smoothies.

The mecca for organic shopping can be found just outside of Paris at Les Nouveaux Robinsons; this houses everything organic you could dream up and much, much more. I think it’s what every supermarket should be like! Address: Place de la Republique, 93100 Montreuil-sous-Bois. Open Mon – Sat. 10am-8pm. 


Raspail Market Boulevard Raspail, Entre la rue du Cherche-Midi et la rue de Rennes, 75006 Paris. Open Sundays: 9am – 2pm.
This is the most amazing market I have ever experienced; it’s loaded with magnificent fruits, vegetables, organic meat, dairy and nuts from local gardens, and all over the world. Nearly forty vendors are on site, with some of the finest biological products.

Marché Biologique Batignolles Boulevard des Batignolles, 75017 Paris. Open Saturdays: 9am – 2pm.
Another organic paradise. This place has more food than the eyes or stomach can handle. Highlights are amazing stalls serving hot healthy crepes, as well as delicious organic goat’s yogurt.


Rasa Yoga 21 Rue Saint-Jacques  75005, Tel. 01 43 54 14 59.
The most incredible sanctuary that offers yoga and pilates classes, running around the clock. Some of the classes are taught in English, however do give a French class a go, as it’s quite an adventure. They also have a wonderful store full of beautiful mats, books, and clothing. Its tranquil energy will leave you ohmming!

Cross Fit Gym 51 Rue Etienne Marcel 75001 Tel. +33 6 20 62 77 40.
This the coolest place to work up a sweat. There are classes running all day. This gym is not for the faint-hearted, however there is always a modified version. Check out my post on Cross Fit  for full details.

The Parisians are a healthy nation as they walk everywhere. It’s the most amazing city to wander around. On every corner, there’s a treat for the eyes, from beautiful churches, to meandering cobbled streets or lovers kissing… Get strolling!