Eight Ways to Burn 200 Calories

Burning calories isn’t limited to the treadmill or gym, you can actually get slim doing what you love the most, taking up a new hobby or even just doing daily chores. Here are a few ideas:

Go on Strike…
90 Minutes of bowling will soon burn up 200 calories. Get your friends to join you and enjoy some (sugar/alcohol-free) drinks and get striking.

Don a bike with basket…
Need to go to the shops? Ride there. 23 minutes of pedalling will soon have you warm and free of 200 calories!

Vinyasa yoga (the type of yoga that has you move fluidly from one pose to another) is believed to burn 7 calories per minute. You’ll soon clock up 200 calories – in the first 29 minutes in fact.

Workin’ at the Car Wash
Heard of the phrase “work up a sweat”? Well, that is exactly what you’ll do at the car wash. Spend 31 minutes hosing down the car and 31 minutes drying and waxing the car to burn up those calories. Simples.

Plunge in
Scuba diving is not only exciting and fun, it’s also a burner. In just 27 minutes of scuba diving you will burn 200 calories. Plus you get to do it in some of the most beautiful oceans! Need we say more?

Dance for around half an hour. This is a great one as you can do it almost anywhere – in a club, at home, with friends, on your own. Just 29 minutes and you’ll have burnt around 200 calories.

Re-arrange the house
Always wanted to re-decorate but don’t have the cash? Try moving bits of your furniture around to change the look and feel of the room. Plus you’ll expend about 200 calories for every half an hour you work!

It is the easiest way to burn calories. Just run for 25 minutes on a treadmill – you can burn more outdoors – and you’ll soon reach your 200 target.