The sought-after hypnotherapist, Mark Williams, has teamed up with the renowned spa at Four Seasons, Hampshire to bring guests a unique “Mind Massage” treatment to improve their mental wellbeing. Whether you want to break a habit, overcome a fear or reduce stress, Hypnotherapy can be a very effective way of achieving it. During the one-hour Mind Massage treatment, Mark will personalise the process to fit the guest’s needs and individual requirements and even record the session and gift the recording to the guest so that they can continue the treatment on their own.

To further enhance the treatment, the unique Mind Massages will also be available as part of a package with the existing range of massage therapies at Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire, allowing guests to fully address their mind, body and soul.

Talking about therapy, Mark explains, “With my dedicated help and positive attitude, we can work together to help reduce or remove challenges. Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process. Clients should treat the therapy as an investment in themselves.”

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