Link Nutrition has made it their mission to create supplements for the modern world. Passionate about keeping their products completely natural, their food-based supplements are made without the use of unnecessary additives, fillers and anti-caking agents. Their goal is to provide a better way of getting the vitamins and minerals you need by combining cutting edge science and a return to the basic foundation of good health; highly nutritious food. 

Supplements can be a hugely beneficial addition to your lifestyle and can provide your body with a whole host of nutrients you may be missing out on through deficiencies or diet choices. Being huge fans of Link Nutrition and their food-based philosophy, we were excited to get the opportunity to choose a supplement from their product range based on our individual wellbeing goals… 

Sadie, Director & Founder
Goal: Combat stress and sleep better
Supplement: Relax
“ I tend to let stress and anxiety creep in a little too much sometimes so for me, 2020 is the year I’m really going to focus on finding methods of managing those angsts and worries. I’ve vowed to up my yoga practice and find more time to meditate each day (if only for a few minutes, sometimes that’s all I can get!) but I’ve also been taking Link’s Relax complex since the start of the year to further support those intentions. Containing a blend of B vitamins and soothing botanicals, this supplement is designed to balance and protect you against the stresses of everyday life. Yes, please! It also contains magnesium and L Theanine, an amino acid most commonly found in green tea, to help support relaxation whilst still combatting fatigue. L Theanine’s role in green tea is to help you focus and there have actually been some studies that suggest it can help people who suffer with anxiety as it improves sleep, promotes relaxation and helps cognitive performance. The B vitamins are also ideal for me since I’m predominantly a plant-based eater. Supplementing B vitamins is recommended for many people, but particularly those on a plant-based diet. Often running off of little sleep (I have two young children!) I find this really helps me fight that “sleepless night” fatigue the next morning and it helps power me through the day ahead”

Molly, Content Editor
Goal: Improve gut health
Supplement: Synbiotic 7
“This year I really want to focus on my gut health. I’m on a mission to up my fibre intake but also the variety of foods I eat to improve the diversity of my healthy gut bacteria. It’s easy to get into a routine of fail-safe meals you repeat over and over, but after listening to Deliciously Ella’s podcast with gut guru, Meghan Rossi, I know I need to be more adventurous with trying to switch up recipes and eat more of a variety of different fruits and veggies. I’m also a big believer in taking probiotics to help support your diet but I’ve never taken a synbiotic before. Link’s Synbiotic 7 contains a mixture of pre and probiotics and is formulated with 7 of the most researched bacterial strains recognised to protect the intestinal microflora of the gut. I do find I get bloated quite easily sometimes but since taking this, I’ve definitely noticed an improvement. Poor digestion can also make you feel really sluggish and taking this supplement has really helped regulate my system and improved my digestion. Hopefully, by continuing to eat the rainbow and making sure Link’s Synbiotic 7 is part of my daily routine, I’ll increase my energy levels, improve my immune system and better absorb the nutrients, I’m getting from the food I eat.”

Louise, Head of Brand Partnerships
Goal: Boost immunity and combat fatigue
Supplement: Mushroom Plus
“Keen to avoid winter illnesses, I’ve kicked off 2020 with immunity and energy in mind! I’m currently taking Link’s vegan-friendly Mushroom Plus complex, which contains 4 different adaptogenic mushrooms that work in synergy to help keep your health at a natural balance. Mushrooms can help boost your immune system, regulate healthy inflammatory response systems and help regulate energy and fatigue. I tend to get sick really easily so I think my immunity has benefited massively from taking this daily. I also find I’m less tired in the mornings, which is a huge bonus, especially during winter. As well as plenty of adaptogenic shrooms, this blend also contains anti-inflammatory turmeric, an antioxidant which I’m a big fan of and tend to add to my smoothies, particularly during winter. I can be susceptible to psoriasis flare-ups and I find turmeric really helps with that too so this is pretty much the perfect supplement for me!”

Isabelle, Brand Assistant
Goal: Improve quality of sleep
Supplement: Magnesium 
“I’m normally quite a good sleeper, but recently I’ve not found it quite as easy to drift off at night. I’ve thoroughly vetted my sleep hygiene and made some changes to my evening routine to help me get in the mood for sleep. The most important thing I’ve changed is setting a curfew for looking at my phone. It’s been tricky but past 9 pm I put my phone down and start my relaxing wind-down routine. When it came to choosing a supplement from Link Nutrition, I immediately opted for their Magnesium in the hope it would get me back on track with my sleep. Magnesium plays a key role in muscle performance and recovery (I’m a massive gym bunny so this has been great for DOMS) as well as the promotion of relaxation and sleep. I tend to head to the gym after work and I think my body is a bit wired after which might be the reason I struggle to fall asleep, but taking magnesium has helped make me feel more relaxed and I think it’s aided my muscle recovery too. Link’s food-based form of magnesium is significantly better absorbed than magnesium oxide or magnesium glycinate. Synthetic magnesium supplements can often cause stomach upset but their magnesium is gentle on the stomach without sacrificing effectiveness. I love having this supplement as part of my bid to get my sleep back on track and I definitely feel it’s working its magic already!”

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