Let’s start by saying that it is completely normal and healthy to prioritise getting into bed, watching a film and snuggling up over hitting the gym from time to time. However, if getting your sweat on is falling to the bottom of your to-do list on the regular, chances are you are lacking some much-needed motivation. The longer time passes, the harder it becomes to integrate exercise into your daily routine and your list of excuses grows longer, causing motivation to plummet further. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry, as we are here to help by sharing some of our top tips to help you rediscover your fitness motivation. Ready, steady, sweat!

Reconnect with your goal: Think back to that moment you embarked on your health journey. What was your goal? Where did your attraction to this lifestyle come from? Was it a desire to become faster, fitter and stronger physically? Was it a quest to find confidence in your skin and belief in yourself? Whatever made you take that first step, reconnect with that goal. Remember why you started and let this reason lead you back to that place of passion and motivation.

Create a playlist: There is nothing better to get you pumped for a workout than a playlist jam-packed full of your favourite songs. Numerous studies have proven the motivational impact music can have, distracting your mind from negativity and combatting signals associated with tiredness, whilst also making your workout that little bit more entertaining. Spotify has workout playlists available at your disposal, so why not pop one on and feel your motivation levels rise.

Seek out inspiration: Whether it’s browsing workout videos on Instagram, purchasing an online workout guide or buying equipment to use at home, seek out inspiration that helps you to feel motivated. For example, if you hate working out in front of others or fear the gym, purchasing a home workout plan may be the best option to motivate you to squeeze in exercise, even on busy days.

Cute activewear is key: Another way to ensure you won’t be able to resist getting your sweat on is to purchase new activewear. If you love your new look, you’ll definitely find you’ll want to wear it regularly and get your money’s worth. Some of our favourite brands include LNDR with their bold designs and super compression and our latest love, TALA, Grace Beverley’s sustainable activewear brand. Wear workout gear that you feel comfortable and confident in, so you can walk into the gym feeling your best.

Set achievable goals: It’s hard to motivate yourself to exercise if you have nothing to work towards. By setting yourself small and achievable goals, alongside time periods within which to achieve them, you’ll be able to revel in the satisfaction of ticking goals off of your list and be motivated to progress even further. Aim to have mostly fitness and health orientated goals, such as running 5km in a faster time, or progressively increasing the weight you can lift, rather than goals orientated around your weight or the way you look (this is an added bonus!) Keep a journal to ensure you stay on track.

Get out of your comfort zone: If you are facing the prospect of doing the same workout for the third time this week, your motivation levels can quickly fall from 100 to 0 in 0.5 seconds. The key to kickstarting your motivation is to mix up your training by trying a variety of different workouts and classes. For example, if you are stuck in a rut and fast becoming bored of your weekly HIIT class, why not try out reformer Pilates or go for a run? Remember, working out is just as much about making your mind feel good as it is your body, so experiment and discover what makes you feel amazing.

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