With gyms and workout studios still yet to reopen, you’ve likely become very familiar with fitting in workouts in your bedroom or lounge over the last few months. One thing we’ve learned from being on our yoga mat? We really need to hoover under the sofa more! It’s amazing what you notice when you’re mid plank and looking for distractions from the burn! If you’ve found it tricky to do your usual heart-pumping, burpee-filled workouts in over lockdown, in fear your neighbours will come knocking, then worry not, Personal Trainer and Hip List-er, Zara Smalley, has shared her favourite “quiet” total body workout moves that pack a punch. 

The World’s Greatest Stretch
Zara says: This is absolutely my favourite stretch as it pretty much targets every major muscle in the body. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who sit at a desk all day… this should be their go-to stretch before every workout (or even on a tea break!).

Lateral Lunge
Zara says: Seeing as the gluteus maximus (your booty) is the largest muscle in the body, performing exercises that work it is going to really increase your heart rate. As well as targeting your butt, this also activates two other big muscle groups, the hamstrings and the quads, proving you with a great fat-burning move. You can add weights and turn up the speed to make it more challenging.

High Plank Walkouts to Shoulder Taps
Zara says: This is a great exercise combo as it really gets the whole body working, from your upper body, lower body and core, as well as increasing your heart rate. Aim to get as many repetitions in as possible.

Squat Pulses
Zara says: If you want lean and toned muscles little movements like squat pulses can make a real difference. For example the squat pulse emphasises a more isolated activation of the quad muscle closer to the knee. You may not be jumping up and down but you’ll feel your heart pounding and your legs burning in no time!

Butterfly Sit-Ups
Zara says: I like this version of the sit-up because not only does it work your core, it also mobilises your groin and opens up your hip rotators which are often found to be tight with people who sit all day. It’s important to remember your lower back should not round whilst performing this move, engage the core (squeeze tummy in, flattening the back) and then sit up.

Diamond Press Ups
Zara says: Diamond press-ups target your whole upper body by working the tricep, chest, shoulder and back muscles. Like with all press up variations, if you’re struggling to get full range of movement, then start on your knees while you build your strength. 

The combination of the above exercises helps work the upper body muscles in slightly different ways at slightly different angles, stressing the muscle fibres to build strength whilst getting the heart rate up in a neighbourly friendly manner!! 

If you’re based in London and want to get in touch with Zara, you can head to her website here.