In the dynamic realm of holistic health, where well-being is not merely the absence of illness but a harmonious integration of mind, body, and spirit, the pursuit of optimal living often involves a thoughtful selection of supplements. Embracing a holistic approach to health goes beyond mere fitness routines; it extends to nourishing the body with elements that promote balance and vitality. At Hip & Healthy, we are a community bound by our shared passion for holistic living and an insatiable curiosity for discovering, learning, and sharing the transformative tools that truly elevate our well-being.

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just embarking on your holistic journey, we hope our recommendations help you start to explore the transformative power of carefully chosen supplements in fostering a healthier, more balanced life.

Issy – Artah Cellular Hydration

“Newly on my radar, Artah’s electrolyte powder is brilliant for a quick rehydration fix. As someone who does a lot of sweat-inducing workouts, it’s vital to replenish electrolytes and this does just the trick! Containing a cocktail of Peruvian Maca and Inulin, Magnesium and Potassium this wonder powder does more than hydrate the body, simultaneously working to boost energy, metabolism and mood. Most electrolytes on the market are filled with unnecessary sugar, but you’re safe with this sugar and sweetener-free formula.”

Molly – Form Superblend Protein

“Right now, I’m loving having a smoothie for breakfast (groundbreaking, I know) and my current routine is working well for me… I wake up and walk the dog, get some fresh air and set my circadian rhythm for the day, come home make a cup of breakfast tea (I’ve learnt you should wait at least 30 mins after waking before caffeine intake to reduce your cortisol spiking) then I make a smoothie once my appetite picks up. My favourite supplement to add in is Form’s Superblend Protein. It’s the tastiest protein powder I’ve tried and it’s full of amazing ingredients like maca, digestive enzymes, probiotics, greens and loads of vitamins and minerals… as well as pea protein. I believe, especially for women, protein in the morning is essential.”

Lou – Advanced Nutrition Programme

“With a toddler at nursery, I feel like I catch every single possible winter illness so this year my biggest focus is on my immunity. Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Immunity Intelligence supplement is a great way to support overall wellbeing for the body, mind and skin. Each day includes a pod of supplements including Colostrum-c, Vitamin C, Skin Vitality, Vitamin A and Vitamin D so you can kick start your health and look and feel your best for the new year.”

Sadie – Better You

“Better You has long been one of my go-to supplement brands for me and my kids. I love the way that all their vitamins come in delicious sprays making them not just easy to take but enjoyable too. They also go that extra mile and can provide tests for customers who want to find out what their current vitamin levels are at. Not only are their supplement qualities top-notch but they also are working hard to support the environment too with their Better Planet Project, from removing plastic from the oceans to eradicating all traces of palm oil from our product range and supporting vulnerable mothers and babies to get the nutrients they need.”

Frankie – LYMA

Thanks to LYMA, I’ve discovered a whole new dimension of wellness through their glamorous supplements. The allure begins with their beauty-boosting pills, elegantly presented in a stylish copper pot. Crafted by celebrity trainer Russell Bateman, these pills embody a powerful fusion of 10 essential ingredients, including plant-based vitamin D, prebiotics, ashwagandha, keratin, and Vitamin K. Beyond the surface, these supplements have become my go-to solution for anxiety, insomnia, and an overall boost to my skin, hair, and nails. The incorporation of immunity-boosting elements is a game-changer for my holistic well-being.”