When was the last time you had eight hours of uninterrupted sleep? Okay, make that six? Five? Studies have revealed that, as a nation, over half of us suffer from insomnia. The worry is that bad sleeping habits don’t just make nights unbearable, they have a profound knock-on effect during the day. And as if looking terrible, not being able to concentrate and feeling narky as hell wasn’t bad enough, insomnia can lead to much more serious issues such as diabetes, obesity and depression.

A good night’s rest isn’t a luxury, it’s vital for good health. During sleep the body repairs cells and muscles, the brain de-clutters itself of unnecessary information, your immune system cranks up a gear and appetite-regulating hormones are released. Although you might not be able to control every sleep interference, we’re going to share our go-to products to help you create your very own “zen den”.



Scent To Sleep Bedtime Hero Pillow Mist, £20

It wouldn’t be a zen den without a pillow mist! We’re loving Neom’s new Scent To Sleep Bedtime Hero Pillow Mist to help us wind down and get ready for sleep. Infused with chamomile, ylang-ylang and cedarwood, it’s a great alternative for those who don’t like lavender.



100% Cotton Bed Linen, from £30

There is nothing better than climbing into a bed of crisp, clean sheets. Make sure that they are 100% cotton and it will go a long way to ensuring you a good night’s sleep as natural fabrics really help in regulating your temperature.



The Ritual Of Jing Fragrance Sticks, £24.90

Scent can be a powerful tool in helping you feel calm and creating a space of total zen. These fragrance sticks from Rituals are infused with lotus flowers and jujube, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine for reducing stress and inducing a calm state of mind.



Magnesium Sleep Body Spray, £10.35

A new addition on our nightstand is this Magnesium Sleep Body Spray from BetterYou. Spritzing this on your skin before bed is a relaxing nightly ritual that will calm the mind and body so you can drift off peacefully.



Lumie Body Clock, £67

Make your bedroom an electronic-free zone, if you haven’t already. Your sleeping area should be a relaxing haven where you can feel calm and peaceful. Rather than using your phone as your alarm, instead use a Lumie Light which wakes you up gently with an increasing light (mimicking a sunrise effect).



The Dreamer Journal, £16

For those with night time whirling minds a really great trick is to have a notebook to hand so that you can scribble out all your thoughts on the paper and therefore leave your mind free and clear to switch off.



Soothe You CBD Drink Drops, £135

A relaxing addition to your nightstand of sleep goodies, Pollen’s Soothe You CBD Drink Drops will help promote a sense of balance and serenity. If you’re struggling to wind-down and switch of the internal chatter, then simply squeeze a couple of drops into a glass of water.