“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything” – We think this Irish Proverb definitely has some theory to it! Getting adequate sleep is crucial for all kinds of things, like concentration, energy and even memory, but what if we told you that catching some Z’s could make you feel happier? Think we’re crazy? We’re not!

Waking up in the morning can sometimes be hard enough, but adding exhaustion, grumpiness and stress to the situation can make the whole ordeal 10 times worse. If it’s not a friend’s birthday dinner that ran over schedule, it’s a certain favourite movie (ehemm, Pretty Woman) on Sky that keeps you glued to the couch until the early hours of the morning! We’ve all been there! This week, we want to open your eyes to the benefits of sleep and how it can affect your mood and overall positivity. Below Rituals Sleep Ambassador and founder of Just Breathe, Michael James Wong shares his sleep-savvy tips that will help boost your wellbeing.

An active day
Physical activity throughout the day is great for everyone, and regular movement and activity allows the body to not only appreciate but need sleep more. So get moving in the day.

Just breathe, breathe slow
Conscious awareness of the breath and slowing it down throughout the day helps the body prepare for sleep. A calm breath helps to indicate to the body that sleep is coming, and help to de-stimulate the thinking mind. Try The Ritual of Jing Pillow Mist to help scent your space whilst breathing.

Intentionally finish the day
For so many of us, we let the business of the day carry into the evening, we keep reading emails, answer work calls or stay online ordering, shopping or socialising. A key aspect to rest and sleeping well is the intention to soften and transition your day in preparation for sleep. 

Minimise caffeine and stimulus in the afternoon and evening 
Caffeine hits late in the afternoon and evening add an unneeded spike of energy into the body, at the time we’re winding down for rest. Let your body follow the natural pattern of energy and respect the fact that if you feel sleepy, then it’s ok to rest. Try substituting your caffeine for a Sleep Tea. If you struggle to nap, then meditate, if you can’t meditate, pause. Find a way to respect the need to rest in some way or another

Have a bedtime
Creating a regular pattern of sleep is essential and beneficial, I find that having a bedtime, say 10:30 pm is a helpful way of keeping regularity. Unfortunately, for many people, ‘bedtime’ is negotiable, while waking up time, isn’t.

words by Michael James Wong, follow him on Instagram here.