One of our favourite plant-based chefs, Bettina Campolucci-Bordi is back with her new book, “Celebrate: Plant-based Recipes For Every Occasion” and we’re sharing a sneaky recipe just to give you a taste of just how joyful and delicious this book really is. Her vegan Creamy Sweet Potato Leek bake is perfect for autumnal nights in and will make a great crowd pleaser for dinner parties.


600 g (1 lb 5 oz) sweet potatoes, peeled and washed

600 g (1 lb 5 oz) floury baking potatoes, peeled and washed

1 leek (green part and all)

750 ml (25 fl oz/3 cups) plant cream (I like oat cream)

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

a sprig of thyme (leaves only)

1 tablespoon vegan butter

1–2 garlic cloves

salt and pepper, to taste


Preheat the oven to 180 C (350 F/gas 4).

Slice the potatoes in half using a mandolin (if you have one); otherwise, slice them very thinly. Chop off the end of the leek, slice in half lengthways and wash well between the layers. Then chop into 1 cm chunks, including the green part.

Add the cream, mustard, thyme leaves, and salt and pepper to a bowl and mix well. Set aside.

Grease the inside of a shallow rectangular oven dish with the butter. Grate the garlic into the dish, spreading it around evenly and mixing into the butter. This will give a lovely garlicky hint to the whole dish.

Using half of the potatoes, fill the base of the dish with layers of both types of potatoes, then add a middle layer of all the leeks and use the remaining potatoes to form the top layer. Make sure you push the top layer down well as the leeks may be a bit springy.

Pour the cream mixture evenly over the top, making sure everything is covered well.

Pop into the oven for 1 hour until lovely and crispy.

COOK’S TIP: Use larger potatoes rather than smaller ones so you spend less time peeling.

Celebrate: Plant-based Recipes For Every Occasion