MPowder Peri-Boost, £69
Over 13million women in the UK are experiencing menopause today, and 80% will suffer symptoms of it. MPowder is a nutritional powder that takes a biochemical approach to targeting the stages of menopause making you feel your absolute best whilst going through these transitions. Created using carefully selected plant-based whole foods, herbs, botanical extracts and vitamins, MPowder is the first menopause business to co-create products and programmes with its community. Each powder has been tested by women recruited from the company’s online community – so you can trust that it really works. The Peri-Boost formula, which is aimed at women aged 43+ but can also be helpful much, much earlier as everyone enters peri-menopause in their own time, has been carefully created using ingredients that have shown potential in clinical trials. Naturopaths, doctors and herbalists were then brought in to validate the research and refine the recipe to ensure the product delivered real results every time. 

Ora Organics Hormonious, £29.99
Ora Organics know that a healthy hormone balance can be tough to maintain, showing up in signs such as acne, tiredness, hair-loss and even low moods, which is why they created Hormonious – their Hormonal Balance and Support Capsules. Packed full of hormone balancing herbs and vitamins such as Ashwagandha, Burdock Root, Vitamin C and Cordyceps, Hormonious is a great way to make sure you stay on top of your game, feel your best and keep your hormone cycle as healthy as possible. 

Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Premenstrual Complex, £26
Wild Nutrition offers a host of hormone targeted supplements, all of which are brilliant but we especially love their Food-Grown Premenstrual Complex. It works by specifically targeting hormone production in order to reduce the symptoms of PMS, helping to relieve mood fluctuations, boosting energy and regulating and stabilizing menstrual cycles. Take 2 capsules together at any time of day, each day of your menstrual cycle including during menstruation for best effects. Reviews on the Wild Nutrition website give this product a whopping 4.91 out of 5! 

Proceive Conception, £27.95
Quickly becoming the go-to supplement for couples looking to conceive, Proceive offers the most functional, comprehensive and evidence-based nutritional supplements for men and women before conception. Using clinical data from a wide range of scientific studies on key nutrients, Proceive has developed a range of conception and pregnancy products that provide tailored nutrients delivered at optimal strength in highly absorbable forms. Not only have they won a host of awards but they also have an array of glowing testimonials over on their Instagram @proceive.

The Nue Co Mood, £30
A multivitamin for your hormones, Mood was created to help decrease stress in the body and increase happy hormones such as serotonin, to help us feel better, every day no matter what life throws at us. Designed using specific essential vitamins that help aid the metabolism of serotonin, dopamine and melatonin including B Vitamins, Mood includes 100% RDA of Vitamin D (research has shown that people with low vitamin D levels were at a much greater risk of depression) as well as their patented version of Ashwagandha root that has been proven to decrease overall daily stress response by 62.2%.