So as you may know, at Hip and Healthy we have all been on our Pukka Matcha Makeover cleanse, and we are feeling incredibly energized and detoxified! So if you haven’t been fully introduced to the wonders of matcha green tea, then let our good friends at Pukka entice you into trying the metabolism boosting, immune boosting, cleansing and stress busting tea of joy. Not only, does Pukka’s Matcha green tea give us all an extra kick of vitality and an antioxidant boost, the benefits of matcha are also helping us get our summer bodies into shape. Here’s why!


20160323 - Pukka Matcha Launch at the October Gallery in London. Image credit to: JonCraig.co.uk ... Twitter: @JonCraig_Photos


Fat Burning!

Matcha tea is known to increase fat oxidation! In 1999 an American journal of clinical nutrition discovered that matcha green tea has thermogenic properties which promotes fat oxidation. These thermogenic properties boost the number of calories your body uses from 8-10% to 35-43%. Another study has also proven that exercising immediately after drinking a matcha resulted in 25% increase in fat burning during exercise and it’s also especially known to prevent the formation of new fat cells and for reducing our bodies fat accumulation, particularly abdominal fat.


Metabolism Boosting!

If you’re not already running to the shops to buy your Pukka Matcha tea, then here’s another reason which may persuade you. Matcha tea contains some of the highest levels of catechin polyphenols, which, not only, have cancer-fighting properties, they also, help boost your metabolism, as well as increasing your fat burning. So sip on that matcha and head to a HIIT class!


Increased Endurance

So you now know how Pukka’s Matcha green tea can help you with your bikini bodies, but matcha can also help increase endurance during your workout! Did you know Samurai warriors drank matcha green tea before their battles, in order to boost their physical endurance? It is also thought that matcha tea can improve your physical endurance by up to 24%.


Now, by this point, we are certain that we have persuaded all of you to head to your shops to by your Pukka Matcha tea, but for those of you who aren’t quite there yet, here are a couple more reasons your should swap your coffee for a matcha tea! Matcha not only helps boosts memory and concentration, but it also contains L-theanine, which produces dopamine and serotonin, both of which are responsible for our moods, as well as promoting better memory. Another interesting fact about matcha is that for the final weeks before the leaves are harvested, they are covered and left in darkness. By covering the leaves, their chlorophyll levels increase by a huge amount, which in turn aids your body in detoxifying and removing heavy metals and chemical toxins from your body!

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