Matcha isn’t exactly old news but it’s certainly been on the health block for a while now and you definitely can’t walk past a smoothie bar these days without seeing it feature in at least three juice or smoothie concoctions! But do you REALLY know what it’s all about? Sure, you’ve heard your Barry’s trainer wax lyrical about how he’s (or she’s) a matcha convert but what’s so special about the green stuff? Well stick around because we’re about to reveal all with a little helping hand from Pukka!


Before we convince you to swap your morning coffee for matcha, let us explain how Pukka have made drinking matcha even more accessible and hassle free! First off, forget the fancy whisk… it might be fun at first, but when you’ve over slept and you’re scrambling around to find your favourite Nike’s that go with the leggings you’ve chosen, you don’t want to be faffing around whisking your little cup of matcha. Pukka have created a solution – matcha tea bags (genius, we know!). Pop one in your handbag or slip one into your toxin free thermal (try our S’well Bottles!) and get out the door!


Benefits of drinking Pukka’s Matcha tea…


Immunity Boosting

Keeping your immune system in check isn’t as easy as doing a cleanse and expecting it to last forever. It’s something we have to consistently work on to stay healthy and hopefully illness free. By simply introducing Pukka’s Matcha tea into your lifestyle, you’ll be giving your body a serious immunity kick. The catechins found in the leaves have been shown to contain antibiotic properties and you’ll be ingesting really great quantities of Potassium, Vitamins A and B, Iron and Calcium to name a few, which all contribute to a healthy, strong immune system.


Provides steady energy levels…

You know that horrible feeling you get after too much coffee? That jittery, sometimes anxious feeling which make’s you swear never to take a sip of the stuff ever again. You need matcha in your life! While it naturally contains caffeine, it’s another secret component that really helps steady and prolong the effects. L-Theanine (an amino acid) enhances the production of alpha waves in the brain, which induces a more relaxed, calm and focused state of mind. Perfect for those who need an afternoon pick-me-up to make it through until dinner time.


Enhances your workout

We’ve touched on this briefly already but it’s a great thing to reiterate again, especially for all you fitness bunnies. Not only do you experience sustained energy levels that can last up to six hours, but matcha will also help increase your endurance right before a sweat session. Samurai warriors are known to have drunk matcha tea before their battles in order to boost their physical endurance. So why not get a little more from your workouts with a small but mighty Pukka Matcha tea bag?!