An original MIC cast member, Caggie Dunlop’s career has taken a more creative path over the last few years. With a long-standing passion for singing and songwriting, her musical debut in 2018 only further confirmed her love for artistic pursuits. Fast forward to 2020, she’s been channelling her inner talk show host with her popular podcast, Saturn Returns. Below she shares some of her non-negotiable health habits and what’s been keeping her busy during lockdown.


My non-negotiable health habit

“My non-negotiable health habit is I’m not a big drinker. In fact, I rarely ever drink alcohol anymore. It’s the thing that has a positive impact all my other healthy habits so has a sort of positive domino effect.”


My favourite way to keep fit

“I’ve just started running again, which I am loving. I think it’s great for clearing your head and makes me sleep much better.


My de-stress tool

“Breathwork and journaling. When things are feeling overwhelming – taking myself off and having some alone time is great for allowing me to process my thoughts. ”


My guilty pleasure

“Chocolate. I adore chocolate and eat it every day. I am a real sucker for the vegan super expensive kind too. (Unfortunately.) The Raw Chocolate company do one called Vanoffee and it’s divine.”


My evening ritual

“Beauty wise, it’s making sure I take the day off. I just got this Neom facial oil cleanser that is heaven. I am currently in the Isle of Wight so am lucky to be by the seaside, here my evening ritual involves me going and sitting on the dock by the sea after dinner with a cup of tea and listening to some music. Plus some evening star gazing, which is quite incredible. ”


My lockdown project

“Working on season 2 of my podcast, Saturn Returns!”


My desert island beauty product

“Votary is a favourite of mine these days and I love their super seed facial oil.”


My biggest inspiration

My biggest inspiration…It’s quite a strange thing to say, but rather than say a person I actually get really inspired by the sea. Perhaps that’s just because I am here right now, but there is something so magical about it, and calming. I always have my best ideas when I’m by the ocean. ”