The wellness arena is booming with the UK embracing holistic therapies, crystal healing and working with moon cycles like never before.  As we grow increasingly time-poor, the UK is discovering the importance of protecting their personal health and incorporating holistic therapies into more mainstream practices.  Here, Holistic therapist Martha Harris and qualified PT Jason Briggs at the health and fitness brand Shoe Hero present the typical personality traits of each star sign and what workouts work best with each sign. 


March 21 – April 19

According to Harris an Aries is not afraid to exert their power.  ‘To be the first sign in the Zodiac wheel is fitting, as an Aries love to be number 1.  A person who is an Aries is often opinionated, outspoken, competitive and takes great joy in winning.  They view difficult situations as a challenge to be conquered rather than one to be intimidated by and face problems head-on.  A natural leader, Aries tend to be optimistic and lack self-doubt. Essentially, an Aries will adopt an ‘every person for themselves mentality.  Celebrity wise, an Aries is in good company with the likes of Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and Kate Hudson’.

PT Jason Briggs reveals that his favourite clients tend to be Aries.  ‘Aries should join workout forces with someone who is equally driven and partake in competitive sports.  I also recommend the likes of Spinning and using apparatus that digitally present progress, effort and calories burnt.  This presents the opportunity for an Aries to compete with themselves and evolve to become the best versions of themselves’.  


April 20 – May 20

‘Just like Virgos and Capricorns, Taureans belong to the element of the earth’, reveals Harris.  ‘Consequently, they tend to be determined, ambitious and favour material products. A Taurus holds endless amounts of patience and enjoy tackling challenges.  They are generally stubborn and all about adopting habits that work towards their self-care. Favouring independence, they do not like others to influence tasks that they care about.  In terms of famous faces, Mark Zuckerberg, David Beckham and Andy Murray all hold the Taurus star sign’  

‘I find that a Taurus enjoys target based workouts with goals that they can accomplish over a long period of time. Weight-based training that gradually increases reps, sets clear goals and is steady paced appeals to a Taurus. A lover of self-care, I tend to also incorporate yoga into workouts with a focus on the core.  This sees that challenges are incorporated with what a Taurus will consider self-love. I also like to work with data when working with a Taurus as they hold analytical minds. Data makes their progress tangible which keeps workout motivation high’.


May 21 – June 20

‘Gemini is synonymous with ‘deep thinker’ says Harris.  ‘They are very creative and excellent at communicating. They have very strong personalities and they are always willing to try new things.  A Gemini can change their mind very easily so it can be tricky getting them to focus on one thing. Kanye West, Colin Farrell and Marilyn Monroe are all Geminis’.  

According to Briggs, a Gemini requires a variety of workouts in order to maintain focus and motivation.  ‘A Gemini is easily bored so I always try to mix workouts up with interval training and rarely stick to one routine.  A Gemini is all about the details which is fantastic for all aspects of training. They tend to see the body as ‘one’ and when working out one aspect of the body, for instance the core, they are still mindful of breathing and posture.  For this reason, I always recommend Pilates and Yoga to a Gemini as they don’t just go through the motions but hold awareness for the body as a whole’. 


June 21 – July 22

A Cancer has a strong sense of intuition and are incredibly loyal.  They are sensitive to moon cycles and as a result, their moods can rapidly change several times a day.  A Cancer is emotionally intelligent and mixed with their intuition, like events and practices that ‘nurture the soul’ and gives them the opportunity to get their thoughts in order.  A Cancer can be quite self-critical so need encouragement if they feel that they are failing at certain tasks. Celebrity alliances include Kourtney Kardashian, Liv Tyler and Ariana Grande’

‘A person who holds the star sign Cancer really appreciates partaking in exercises that allow them to focus inward and feed the soul,’ says Briggs.  ‘Cardio wise, I love to prescribe swimming to the star sign Cancer as not only is it a great workout, it also soothes the mind and eases tension in the body.  Yoga is, of course, my next option for a cancer. I am a great advocate of working out for the mind before the body and this mindset is incredibly important when working with a cancer’. 


July 23 – August 22

‘A Leo Is very confident and feels at home in pretty much any environment’ says Harris.  ‘A Leos ruler is the sun therefore; they exert passion and are the eternal optimist. A Leo tends to have a strong social circle and holds a sense of responsibility towards the people that mean a lot to them.  They are not afraid to stand up for what they believe is right however, also require a lot of self-assurance. The world is a Leos stage and they are always ready to perform, whether that means telling the funniest story at a party or being the star of the dance floor.  Claims to fame include the likes of Kylie Jenner, Barack Obama and Jennifer Lopez’.

‘Working with a Leo means one thing’ reveals Briggs.  ‘Cardio, cardio, and more cardio. Ever the exhibitionist, I love to prescribe HIIT workouts to Leos that are unique in their own right.  Incorporating apparatus such as trampolines, dance and even barre work is perfect for a Leo as it gives them the opportunity to perform.   Exercise franchises such as Zumba and ((Bounce)) are also great for any Leo’.


August 23 – September 22

According to Harris, ‘Virgos are very intelligent however, very self-critical.  They are organized and complete tasks effectively and at a speed. They have high standards when it comes to effectivity completing tasks and tend to have high expectations of others.  It is unlikely that a Virgo will shout about their wins or brag about their latest purchases. They like to be in control and are not afraid of hard work and a challenge. Virgos are always willing to deepen their knowledge of their interests and nurture their education.  Virgos love to help others and love to see them succeed. Beyoncé, Guy Richie and Hugh Grant are all Virgos’.  

‘As a Virgo has such high standards and like to perfect their workouts, I always find the type of exercise that appeals to them most and then set an ambitious target’, says Briggs.  ‘For instance, if running makes a Virgo ‘tick’, then we will set a target of completing a 10K, a half marathon and even a full marathon. They are sticklers for technique so really, the world is their oyster’.


September 23 – October 22

‘No one appreciates a congenial space like a libra’ reveal Harris.  They tend to be very tidy and appreciate organisation. ‘Libras like everybody to ‘get on’ and steer away from confrontation as much as they can.  They absorb information incredibly well and can never know enough about one subject. Fairly uncommitted, a Libra is indecisive and prefers to adopt an analytical approach.  They will look at every eventuality in order to make an informed decision before fully committing. Will Smith, Kate Winslet and Hilary Duff are all Libras’.

‘I always mix up workouts for a Libra’ says Briggs.  ‘I continually explain the logistics and details of a workout as well as the reasons for completing them.  Libras like to know the ‘why’ to everything and what each movement is doing. Therefore, I like to introduce of technical workouts like weight training and Pilates’.  


October 23 – November 21

Harris says, ‘Scorpios can be intense with several layers of emotion, imagination, sensitivity and drive.  They are not afraid to fight for what they believe in and if they feel that they have been wronged, then they will never forget.  They are very passionate, true to themselves and adopt a careful and calculated approach with when undertaking tasks. They are energetic and not afraid of hard work.  Kendall Jenner is a Scorpio, as is Drake and Emma Stone’.  

‘HIIT workouts are perfect for a Scorpio’, says Briggs.  ‘It gives the opportunity for them to release energy and provides a sharp hit of endorphins.  Boxing is also great for this as it releases any pent-up anger’.  


November 22 – December 21

‘Belonging to the element of fire, a Sagittarius tends to be very strong-willed, thrive in a fast-paced environment and respond well to pressure’, says Harris. ‘A Sagittarius doesn’t like to stay in one spot for long and love adventure. If you meet a Sagittarius, then it is likely that they have visited several countries that go beyond your average holiday. They adopt a ‘happy go lucky’ persona and they are very good at getting themselves out of sticky situations. Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and Ozzy Osbourne all count themselves as a Sagittarius.’

According to Briggs, it is essential that a workout for a Sagittarius is high energy. ‘Interval training is perfect for a Sagittarius so that the energy is kept high, they do not grow bored and have to think on their feet. I also like to provide Sagittarius with a workout that is outside of the box as they are very adventurous. Rock Climbing, trampolining and even mountain biking are great for this sign.


December 22 – January 19

‘Capricorns are practical creatures who favour logic and fact over speculation’ says Harris.  ‘Capricorns have an incredible drive and a huge sense of ambition. They like hierarchy and working their way to the top.  Optimistic is not a word that I would associate with Capricorns as they like to consider themselves as realists who tackle the negatives over anything else. Capricorns are very disciplined and will stay focussed, especially if there is a reward in return.  They are very independent and like to be left to their own devices in order to gather their thoughts and achieve goals set by themselves. Zayn Malik, Meghan Trainor and Jude Law are all Capricorns. 

‘Capricorns respond well to running’ says Briggs.  ‘They appreciate the fast hit of endorphins and they are always determined to reach new distances and speed.  It is also a workout that they can complete on their own, so they tend to find it very attractive. I very much let Capricorns lead personal training sessions as they tend to have strong ideas with regards to what they want to achieve and what they deem successful’.  


January 20 – February 18

‘Once an Aquarius has made up their mind, they are unlikely to change it’ reveals Harris.  ‘They very much march to their own drum and are fiercely independent. They are generally relaxed do not tend to worry about the little things in life.  An Aquarius likes to keep their mind occupied and will first and foremost connect with someone on an intellectual level. Well known Aquarius’ include Ellen, Oprah and Harry Styles’.

‘An Aquarius is very open-minded’ says Briggs.  ‘I like to try new and innovative workouts with an Aquarius, especially if they can practice them on their own.  New and digitally advanced exercise bikes work great with an Aquarius as they appreciate an apparatus that pushes them to work harder’. 


February 19 – March 20

‘Pisces are deep-rooted in emotion and have an innate relationship with holistic practices, especially the likes of crystal work’ exclaims Harris.  ‘A person who is Pieces tends to be incredibly imaginative and likes to go with the flow. A Pisces adapts to the personalities of those around them and can be easily influenced.  They like to be sociable and to overindulge. They often do not know their limits and like activities that serve as an escapism’.

‘I like to work with routines that encourage confidence when working with a Pisces’, says Briggs.  ‘I don’t like to ‘put them on the spot’ and usually join in the routines with them. The likes of Zumba are great as they do not have huge attention to detail and any mistakes can be quickly forgotten’.

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