JUST BOOKED A HOLIDAY? Here’s what to do next… It’s time for the Pre-Holiday Pamper.

Getting yourself prepared for a holiday is one of life’s most exciting things, it is also one of the only times in life (bar a wedding, big date and party at which an ex may be at) in which you can pamper and buff yourself within an inch of your life… totally guilt free. It’s not about vanity, this is all about maintaining holiday sanity. No one wants to see an unkempt bikini line, ugly toe-nails or unruly eyebrows. Here are our pre-holiday suggestions on how to look good at the beach:

The Brazillian Bikini Wax: Aveda
Ask for their hot, no-strip wax and you wont be disappointed with the results. The wax is applied and then left to dry until it goes hard (a bit like rubber). The therapist then whips it off. Less pain, more gain. Great for those with sensitive skin. www.aveda.co.uk £25.

The Eyebrow Thread: Blink Eyebrow Bar, Fenwicks
Although not everyone likes the idea of having their eyebrows done in a department store in front of tons of shoppers, Blink discreetly occupies the corner of the ground floor and there is one treatment room available for those really adverse to feeling on display. There really is no better place to get your eyebrows done. It lasts longer than waxing and the shape is undeniably better then any other forms of eyebrow shaping techniques. http://www.blinkbrowbar.com £17

The Pedicure: New York Pedi at The Chelsea Day Spa
Tucked away on the Kings Road is one of London’s top places to grab a quick but brilliant pedicure. The routine is simple; soak, cut, file and shape all performed by an expert Nail Technician, but the service is unrivaled and you get to watch some of the best chick flick’s ever made during the treatment (Failure to Launch never gets old). And because I was happy watching one of my (admittedly) favourite films, I wasn’t in a rush to leave allowing the nail vanish to dry thoroughly and the pedicure lasted the entire two week holiday. Result. www.thechelseadayspa.co.uk £20

The All-Over Scrub (essential for pre-tanning bods): Total Face and Body Scrub at Elemis Day Spa
When we dare to bare, we want to do it with as much confidence as possible. To achieve an all-over even skin tone (one that will not only tan better but also look better on the beach to begin with) then this is the treatment for you. It is also a pre-holiday pamper that tops the chart in the relaxation factor. After an initial consultation about your skin with the Spa Therapist, she then tailors the treatment to meet your needs. After a full body exfoliation, hot oil massage and complexion boosting facial, you can be rest assured that your whole body will beach ready from the moment you leave the salon. www.elemis.com £85

 Image: http-::www.flickr.com:photos:peterzen:7217569562