Sometimes you can drink a gallon of water, slather on your thickest night cream and your skin still feels dehydrated. Luckily, REN has come to the rescue with their new Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion that instantly hydrates and plumps your skin!


REN’s luxurious combination of hi-tech formulations and the purest ingredients can be relied on to deliver results. Since its launch in 2000, the brand has become a cult favourite with beauty editors and customers alike. Its products avoid skin unfriendly ingredients and all of the actives are derived from plants and minerals. REN’s philosophy of Clean Skincare can be summed up in three words: performance, purity, pleasure – for healthier skin that looks younger for longer.


The Flash Hydro-Boost uses Hyaluronic acid and Xylitol to help draw and lock in moisture to your skin. Germ peptide helps facilitate water transport through the skin’s layers while ceramides prevent water loss. You will notice a difference instantly in the dewiness and plumpness of your skin and with continual use, you will notice a reduction in fine lines and an increase in the skin’s ability to hold moisture. Definitely a must-have, not only for the summer heat but also going into the cooler months when complexions tend to dry out a little with central heating blasting everywhere!


Keen to try this wonder product out? You’re in luck! With every order this month, you will receive a deluxe size sample so you can experience first hand, how awesome it is to have plump, dewy, hydrated skin!

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If you want to purchase the full size, head to www.renskincare.com and use the code “HIP20” to redeem 20% off!