My alarm chimes at 6am. I automatically hit snooze… twice… and then drag myself out of bed and straight into a bath. It’s important that I get ready before the rest of the house wakes up otherwise all order is lost and things tend to go wrong. I cannot function without tea in the morning so as soon as i’m dressed I go downstairs and make tea for myself and husband Matthew, and get the milk and breakfast ready for my three girls.

The children wake up at seven am and they all clamber into my bed for their breakfast. Then the nanny arrives and gets my youngest, Pearl, ready for her playgroup whilst I attend to the school run. First stop is my eldest, Starr’s school. She has different activities most mornings so has to be in around 7.45 – 8am. She has developed my dreadful paranoia of being late! I then take my second daughter, Dolly to nursery.

Next stop is Harrods’ fourth floor, where I have a concession. I go in before the store opens most mornings, check that everything looks perfect and steam and hang any new deliveries. We get new stock all the time as our customers always want something new and interesting. After I have checked that everything is in order, I have a quick catch up with my staff and then grab a coffee from Starbucks before heading to my office, which is attached to my Sloane Street store.

I discuss what needs to be done that day with my assistant, Sarah, who I work very closely with. A lot of my time is spent coordinating with suppliers and factories, and dealing with our own wholesale accounts who stock 9 London’s clothing and body products. I often oversee new deliveries that have come into the shop that day and maybe have a meeting with a supplier or go over any PR and marketing.

Then it is time for a quick lunch, often soup and a sandwich, before heading back to Harrods for some further discussions regarding plans for the brand and new developments with body products. Most recently I have launched our own brand of stretch mark cream. I really wanted to produce a range of products for pregnant women that not only looked and smelled great but most importantly, actually worked! The baby range comes out this summer which will include a nappy cream, top to toe baby wash and a massage oil.

At 3pm I go back to the shop to see how things are going. I also love to serve and chat with our customers and I may have a quick meeting with a stylist who is choosing clothes for a shoot.

I manage to collect my eldest daughter from school twice a week. She does Suzuki violin, so I drive her over to her teacher in Notting Hill for her lessons. We often go out for a quick bite to eat on the way home as she can feel a bit neglected sometimes having two baby sisters.

I try to be home by 6pm. Starr normally has homework to do so I make sure that is all done and try to spend some time with the two younger ones before bed. I then get everything ready for the next day so there is no panic in the morning.

Matthew comes home at 9pm from work and cooks dinner. I don’t like eating so late but there really isn’t time before that. I then catch up on any emails and prepare myself for the next day. I make it my aim to try to get to bed before midnight before it all starts again!


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