There’s no doubt in our minds that COVID-19 and the impact it’s having on our mental health is causing our sleep habits to become disrupted. If you’re finding yourself lying awake at night, mind buzzing with worst-case scenario visions, you’re not alone. According to a major new survey commissioned by three of the leading bodies championing sleep, Sleepstation, The Sleep Council and The Sleep Charity, Close to half of the respondents (43%) are now finding it harder to fall asleep, with unease around the current situation affecting sleep for three-quarters of people (75%). Interestingly, it also found that women are more likely to suffer from anxiety associated with coronavirus and are twice as likely to report feeling stressed compared to men. Yikes!

Sleep is so important for our wellbeing, we all know that. It’s crucial for so many functions in our body and can have a drastic impact on things like immunity (essential right now), mood, appetite, energy, memory and even happiness. So it’s vital we protect our sleep and not allow anxiety and stress to disturb our snoozing hours. Below are 9 things helping the H&H team to switch off and maintain healthy sleep patterns during this strange time.


Trip Elderflower & Mint CBD Drink

CBD is our ultimate sleep weapon because it’s amazing for promoting relaxation and easing anxiety. A double whammy. We’ve recently come across Trip’s CBD infused drinks and we love their Elderflower & Mint flavour.


Tension-relasing facial massage

When you’re feeling stressed or anxious, it’s likely you’re holding onto a lot of tension in the jaw area. We’ve been including a facial massage with our favourite oil after cleansing and it’s astonishing how effective it can be. This is a good one if you get tension headaches. It could all be connected to your jaw. We often use a jade roller too. We like this one from Hayo’U.


Pukka Relax Tea

Tea in general just helps us feel more chilled but Pukka’s Relax Tea takes relaxation to new (delicious) levels. Infused with Chamomile, Fennel and Marshmallow Root, we’re enjoying a few cuppas in the afternoon/evening to help prepare our bodies for rest.


Sleep Calming Bath Soak

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll know we are (extremely) partial to a good soak in the bathtub. We recently wrote an article on How To Bathe Yourself Beautiful but if you’re looking for a quick product recommendation then we adore this bath soak from The White Company. It smells divine and leaves your skin silky soft.


No news after 8 pm

We’re all for staying informed with what’s going on outside of the walls of our social-distancing den but it’s important to not overconsume. We want the facts, of course, but scare-mongering articles can easily put you in a spin of anxiety. Our advice? No news after 8 pm so you can give yourself a couple of hours on wind downtime before bed.


Rituals The Ritual Of Jing Pillow Mist

Our nightstand wouldn’t be without a sleepy pillow spray and this Ritual Of Jing Pillow Mist from Rituals has been the one for us lately. It’s enriched with Sacred Wood and Lavender to help clear the mind and promote the quality of sleep.


Link Night Supplement

Supplements can be a handy way to make up for something you’re lacking in nutritionally and this Night Supplement from Link is a great choice if you’re struggling with sleep. It provides a substantial dose of calming magnesium and sleep hero melatonin from Montgomery Cherries. 



It might be a bit of an obvious one, but it’s a helpful habit when trying to be mindful to not over-consume media outlets. When you’re anxious, your mind is usually working overtime but trying to not think at all and laying in silence can often make matters worse. It’s ok to give your mind some stimulation to help distract it and reading is perfect for this.


Cannaray CBD Muscle Balm

If tired, achy, post-workout muscles are keeping you from falling asleep at night then this is for you. Cannaray’s CBD Muscle Balm contains CBD, of course, but also soothing aloe, shea butter and arnica, which melts into the skin wherever your feeling tension.