There is no better way to wind down than with a hot bath. On the face of it, a bath might not seem to be anything special – we all need to wash. But swim a little below the surface and there are a plethora of wonderful health benefits. For hundreds of years the humble bath has been used to treat sickness and as a way of detoxifying the body. A daily bath is not just about getting clean but has many positive effects on the well being of both our bodies and minds. So read on for how to bathe yourself beautiful, inside and out.

Studies have found that a hot bath stimulates circulation which can calm our nervous system. This can reduce stress and help us feel more relaxed. Further, adding a few drops of lavender oil to bath water can have an extra soothing effect. Studies have found that the aromatherapy benefits of lavender oil include relief from tension as well as aiding with sleep. To help you completely relax, create a calm atmosphere in your bathroom by dimming the lights, lighting some naturally scented candles and playing relaxing music. Use your bath time to meditate, breathe and soak away your worries. No phones allowed.

The benefits of a warm bath on our physical body include relief of muscle and joint pains and relief of menstrual cramps. In addition, the warm water opens up our pores and makes us sweat which aids in the detoxifying process. Although the warm water of a bath on its own can benefit our beautiful bodies, adding certain things to your bath water can give extra wonderful health benefits. Baking soda or bicarbonate soda, when added to your bath, will neutralise any chlorine which is added to many water sources. It is also known for its cleansing and alkalising properties, which may help in balancing the body’s pH level. In addition, baking soda has anti-fungal properties and it can have soothing effects on skin irritations.

Essential oils are another thing you can add to bathwater. As previously mentioned, lavender oil has fantastic calming and soothing effects. Other essential oils which work well in a bath are rose, peppermint and oils which come from tree bark such as sandalwood. Organic argan oil is another type of oil which can have healing effects. Argan oil infuses the skin with antioxidants to fight cell-damaging free radicals which helps in preventing illness, wrinkles and lethargy. The vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids in this oil will also soften and moisturise your skin.

Bathing Beauties We Love

There’s no better way to while away an evening than in a tub full of these top bathing beauties…

Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil  – £32

REN’s Moroccan Rose is synonymous with relaxation and we’re never without this beautifully-scented bath oil for when me-time beckons. Deeply hydrating and soothing for all skin types, you need just a few drops of this rich bath oil to de-stress and leave the day behind.

Silverbirch Thermal Muscle Soak By Molton Brown – £15.40

The ultimate way to treat tired muscles, these deeply scented bath salts will relax aches and pains while relieving you of any stress and tension. Containing vitamin C rich silverbirch extract to invigorate, cumin oil to warm weary muscles, and bergamot and cedarwood to create a woody, inviting smell – simply pour one or two capfuls under running water, inhale and submerge to soak away the day’s stresses.

Rose & Pomegranate Bath Oil By Neal’s Yard Remedies – £17

Made with 90% organic ingredients and crammed full of essential oils to balance the body and the mind, this bath oil guarantees therapeutic pampering in just one pour. Delicately scented with organic Damask rose oil, there’s also fruity fragranced bergamot essential oil to cool and de-stress skin, vitamin E rich sunflower oil to revitalise and protect, anti-oxidant loaded organic pomegranate seed oil to protect, and Cedarwood Essential Oil to promote circulation and release toxins. The ultimate soothing soak.

Liquid Yoga by Mio – £26

Treat those tired muscles and aching limbs with this restorative and soothing bath soak – Mio’s answer to a masseuse in a bottle. A calming, detoxifying blend of Epsom salts and seaweed, it’s also mega-moisturising with the addition of murumuru butter and andiroba oil, whilst arnica helps to heal and horse chestnut seed extract boosts antioxidant protection. Add sage and basil to the mix to improve circulation, then a splash of lavender, lemon peel oil and cypress leaf oil to relax muscles and relieve stress and anxiety with a heavenly, heady scent.  So forget the downward dog, just lie back, inhale and omm.

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