We love the feeling of touching down at our favourite holiday destination, bikini at the ready. Yet whilst initial excitement may last all day, the inevitable energy slump that kicks in once the rush wears off can reap havoc on your holiday plans. However, we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way! With a little preparation and some Hip & Healthy tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to beating jetlag once and for all.

1. It all starts on the plane

While delays and cancellations sometimes can’t be helped, it’s super important to be well-rested and relaxed as you begin your journey. Having everything you need for passing check-in, customs and security at the ready will set you off in good stead. Additionally, once you’ve exhausted your movie and magazine options, take a minute to engage in some deep breathing. Whilst being cooped up in a plane can cause stress to the body, taking a few deep and slow breaths calms the nervous system and communicates to your body that everything is ok. For a little extra help, we turn to Neal’s Yard’s remedy stick, especially formulated with aromatic essential oils which assist in calming the senses and improving circulation, necessary for travel at high altitudes.

2. Water, water, water

Getting up to go to the loo on the plane is without a doubt a better alternative to de-hydration and the headaches, aches and fatigue that this uncomfortable state encourages. Water is always the Hip and Healthy choice from the drinks trolley as fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and especially alcohol dehydrate the body even further so are best avoided in-flight. In the air-conditioned cabins of a plane, we lose so much water from our bodies so replenishing this is a must-do to ensure we maintain adequate hydration levels, necessary for optimal bodily functioning. Your skin will of course will love you for it too!

3. Moisturise 

Going hand in hand with dehydration, dry skin is a pretty hard one to avoid when flying for long periods of time. Whilst drinking water will play a big part in keeping skin soft and supple, some travel sized natural moisturising products kept close by will provide you with that extra bit of help your skin needs in-flight. Featuring a host of hydrating in-flight skincare must-haves, we love Pai Skincare’s Pure Hydration kit that comes in a handy travel size perfect for taking on board.

4. Sleep well

Once you’ve reached your destination, when the sun sets after a day spent wearily trying to re-adjust to the right timezone, taking a serving of Viridian cherry night powder before bedtime will help to get restless bodies into sleep mode. It’s so important to maintain a regular sleeping cycle so the sooner we acclimatise the better off we will be for the rest of the trip! Viridian’s vegan formula contains glycine, an amino acid to improve sleep quality, magnesium which acts as a muscle relaxant and cherries, which naturally contain melatonin; the hormone which helps us to settle into a sleep routine.

5. Take your supplements 

Our travel go-to, you’ll always find a handy pack of Franks Staks of Wellbeing in our suitcases. With each pack featuring a supplement plan designed to re-boot your batteries post-flying and get you back to your healthy self, this clever collection of powders and pills are condensed into resealable packages, ready to take each day with ease. From super-green powders to alkalise and detox, b12 for an energy kick and krill oil for essential fatty-acids to help rehydrate dried out skin – if there’s one post-flight secret we’ve been keeping – this is it!

By Annabel Armitage 

Image: Seafolly