We know that bearing all on a beach holiday can often bring about some anxiety and stress – and whilst here at Hip & Healthy we are all about encouraging you, our lovely readers, to be the best version of YOU no matter the size that may be, we could all use an extra boost of confidence when hitting the beach in our bikini. To help you tone up those trouble spots, we enlisted FRAME personal trainer Jack Edwards to fill us in on a few of his favourites exercises to get you fit before jetting off.

Hill sprints – an explosive fat burner: Hill sprints are great for power and cardiovascular fitness but are also very effective fat burners. They will send your heart rate up, make you sweat and target your legs, bum and core – all important for beach comfort! (Get down to the park or get on the treadmill and up the incline to high!)

Power yoga – lean out, get supple: We have all heard about the long-term benefits of yoga, but it is also a great exercise to do in that last minute build-up to your beach holiday. Not only will it compliment the more weight based/cardio exercise you are doing by keeping you lean and supple, power yoga will also test your strength, make you sweat and make sure all your muscle groups are working in sync with your core at the focus of it all. Yoga is fantastic for posture and squeezing some yoga classes into your fitness schedule will ensure you look long and lean as you stroll on to the beach! (Try our Yoga classes at FRAME.)

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – the ultimate fat burner: Interval training is great for getting heart rate up, developing strength and kick-starting your metabolism. Try and do this early in the day; have a healthy breakfast and then follow it with a HIIT session that will power up your metabolism and keep it ticking over throughout the day – a continuous fat burner – yes please! (Try our HIIT PT class at FRAME.)

High rep weight training – pump and the burn: Weight training is great for strength and muscle development – try and up the reps on the two weeks leading up to your beach holiday. Reduce your rest between sets and ideally build a couple of super sets into this too! Rather than having a wander or chat after a set of squats, jump straight into your deadlifts and keep your heart rate going and your muscles activated. Exercises that target opposite muscle groups are perfect for supersets. Think chest and back, quads and hamstrings/glutes. (Try our Personal Training at FRAME.)

Boxing – high intensity cardio that’s lots of fun: Boxing is a great way to get yourself ready for the beach. It is demanding on your cardiovascular fitness whilst allowing you to really develop some strength, coordination and endurance. Plus, there’s no better way to let out some steam! After a few boxing sessions you will be in the perfect place to head into the sun, relax and enjoy! (Try our Box Train class at FRAME.)

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