Can Becoming A Reducetarian Make You Healthier?

Over the last five years, there have been big developments and changes in the way we look at our diets. Veganism, once viewed as a restrictive and extreme way of eating (and living), is now […]

13 Of The Best Zero-Waste Shops In The UK

Want to rethink the way you shop? Interested in doing your bit for the planet by reducing your waste consumption? Then you’ve come to the right place! With the rise of zero-waste shops popping up […]

Global Warming

Global Warming – 5 Changes You Need To Make ASAP

A new report from IPPC has just been released revealing the harsh reality surrounding global warming. Information has shown we are exceeding the global warming safe limit of 1.5°C. We are, instead, increasing by 2°C […]

mental health

Are You Neglecting Your Mental Health Without Realising?

What do you do to feel better? Buy new shoes, change your style, seek a relationship, find comfort through achievement, food, or spending time with friends? There are many ways (productive and harmful) we try […]

feeling the blues

Feeling The Blues? 8 Habits To Make You Happier

Crisp air, crunchy leaves, tea, stews… there’s so much we love about Autumn. Not as much of a fan? You’re not alone. Shorter days and a dip in temperature can contribute to the onset of […]

What Foods Are In Season This Autumn?

Autumn truly is in the air! Here at Hip & Healthy, we like to embrace each season with some new changes and new ways of staying healthy and happy. For instance, a new workout wardrobe […]

Wellness Events October

Wellness Events To Book In October

Is your October diary looking a little sparse? Here are 6 wellness events to book this October to entertain and inspire you! Daylesford Wellness Workshop: Tonics & Spiced Broths Create your very own thirst-quenching and […]


Is ” Breathwork ” The Next Big Thing In Wellness?

On average, in a single day a person will take between 25 and 30 thousand breaths, however on reflection, how many of these breaths are you aware of? Breathing is an incredible phenomenon in that […]

4 pillars of a healthy diet

Do You Follow These 4 Pillars Of A Healthy Diet?

You’ve heard it time and time again ‘diets don’t work’, and whilst we’re all aware of this obvious truth, we know it’s all too easy to fall prey to the false claims and alluring promises […]

invest now save later

Items To Invest In Now To Save Money In The Future

Welcome to the 3rd (and last!) instalment of our September Savings Series! We’re talking items to invest in now to help you save in the long run! When you’re trying to save your pennies, buying […]


Dodge Deficiencies – 5 Supplements To Take This Autumn

As we transition into autumn, the temperature drops and the heating instantly gets turned up. This fast temperature change can increase the risk of developing colds, infections and deficiencies which can make you feel less […]

Body Confidence

Bid Body Confidence Issues Farewell! 5-Step Method That Works!

Social media is our best friend and our arch nemesis all wrapped into one: our best friend because it helps us to stay motivated, educated, keep in touch with friends and access that much-needed fitness, […]

healthy on a budget

How To Be Healthy On A Budget – Tips & Tricks!

Fact: You don’t have to be loaded to live a healthy life. You just have to be savvy with your spending! One of the biggest stigmas around the wellness industry is that it costs a […]

Boost Immunity

How To Boost Immunity Post-Summer

The change in season can place greater demands on our immune system as we head into autumn where the temperature starts to take a dip. Along with the chillier days, it’s common to experience an […]

4 Posture Techniques To Fix Your 8-Hour Desk Body

Good posture is amazing. It’s not only good for your spinal health, it radiates confidence and ease and makes you look leaner and younger! If you have a desk job, sitting in a chair for […]


Revive Your Resolutions – September Is The New January!

As the end of summer draws to a close, your New Year resolutions probably seem but a distant memory! But have all those good intentions for 2018 been consigned to oblivion? We begin the year […]

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