invest now save later

Items To Invest In Now To Save Money In The Future

Welcome to the 3rd (and last!) instalment of our September Savings Series! We’re talking items to invest in now to help you save in the long run! When you’re trying to save your pennies, buying […]


Dodge Deficiencies – 5 Supplements To Take This Autumn

As we transition into autumn, the temperature drops and the heating instantly gets turned up. This fast temperature change can increase the risk of developing colds, infections and deficiencies which can make you feel less […]

Body Confidence

Bid Body Confidence Issues Farewell! 5-Step Method That Works!

Social media is our best friend and our arch nemesis all wrapped into one: our best friend because it helps us to stay motivated, educated, keep in touch with friends and access that much-needed fitness, […]

healthy on a budget

How To Be Healthy On A Budget – Tips & Tricks!

Fact: You don’t have to be loaded to live a healthy life. You just have to be savvy with your spending! One of the biggest stigmas around the wellness industry is that it costs a […]

Boost Immunity

How To Boost Immunity Post-Summer

The change in season can place greater demands on our immune system as we head into autumn where the temperature starts to take a dip. Along with the chillier days, it’s common to experience an […]

4 Posture Techniques To Fix Your 8-Hour Desk Body

Good posture is amazing. It’s not only good for your spinal health, it radiates confidence and ease and makes you look leaner and younger! If you have a desk job, sitting in a chair for […]


Revive Your Resolutions – September Is The New January!

As the end of summer draws to a close, your New Year resolutions probably seem but a distant memory! But have all those good intentions for 2018 been consigned to oblivion? We begin the year […]


September Savings Series – How To Be Savvy With Budgeting

Moving out of your childhood home and navigating the big, (sometimes) bad world is overwhelming and with work, socialising and paying the rent, even thinking about saving money can feel like an impossible feat. But […]

food that looks like body part

Uncanny Resemblance – Food That Looks Like The Body Part It’s Good For

We’re constantly amazed at mother nature and just how intelligent the planet we live on really is. We all know that what we eat has a great effect on our bodies, but did you know that […]


Problem-Solving Yoga Poses For 5 Common Ailments

There’s nothing a yoga pose can’t solve right? If you’re suffering from indigestion, too many hours hunched at a desk or even anxiety, you might want to roll out your yoga mat. Rather than reaching […]

The Pomodoro Technique

How The Pomodoro Technique Can Make You More Productive

Procrastination is one of the biggest killers for productivity. Fact. We need a certain amount of productivity to complete tasks we need to get done both at work and at home but one can be […]

Unsung Superfood heroes

Unsung Superfood Heroes You Need To Eat More Of

Newspapers and magazines love to report on the new superfood of the moment, but we want to shed some light on the more ordinary foods that offer fantastic health benefits too. When you’re next in […]

meditation studios

Zen In The City – The Rise Of Drop-In Meditation Studios

As the pace of modern life reaches an all time high, it can sometimes feel like we are constantly in a rush and so it’s no wonder that more and more people are experiencing high […]

Plane Essentials

Plane Essentials – What We Wear + Take With Us

Remembering to take your boarding pass, passport, phone, change your money into the correct currency and arrive at the airport on time is a task in itself. Looking chic and feeling comfortable on top of […]

Natalia Bojanic

“Meditation Isn’t For Me” – Mindfulness Teacher, Natalia Bojanic Disagrees

Luxe + Hardy ambassador, Natalia Bojanic, mindfulness teacher and founder of Sexy Mind App, shares her thoughts and advice for those who believe they can’t meditate. If you fall into this category, hopefully her words […]

Mindful Activities

6 Mindful Activities To Help You De-Stress

Our “Rest Week” in partnership with luxury rest wear brand, Luxe + Hardy, is centred around the idea that investing in rest is one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing. When […]

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