Bedtime Routine

How To Reinvent Your Bedtime Routine

Let’s face it, most of the time our bedtime routine consists of showering, scrolling through Instagram, brushing teeth, scrolling through Facebook, getting into bed far too late and scrolling through Instagram some more. So, in […]


Why It’s Time To Invest In Rest… #dolesslivemore

This week, we want to inspire you to “invest in rest” with our Rest Week Series in partnership with luxury rest and sleepwear clothing brand, Luxe + Hardy. We strongly believe that rest is vital […]

Vegan Protein Sources – Foods & Supplements

Whether it be for environmental, animal welfare or health-related reasons, more people are switching to a vegan/plant-based diet than ever before. If you’re thinking about making, or have already made a transition to veganism, you’ve […]

go to the beach

Want To Improve Your Health? Go To The Beach!

It’s one of life’s most simple pleasures – good for the mind, body and soul, but if you knew the real benefits the beach can have on your wellbeing, you might carve out a day […]

Positive Mind-Set

The Positive Mind-Set Checklist You Need To Succeed

Investing in yourself is like investing in a piece of jewellery… it has the potential of growing in value and when you feel its time to sell, you hope it will have increased its worth. […]

healthy picnic

Healthy Picnic Ideas For A Summer Weekend

Picnics, the classic British summer tradition. One that we love, but we know the prospect can leave many worrying that healthy habits will be derailed. What we’re here to tell you is that if done […]

healthy hen do

Healthy Hen Do Ideas For Brides Into Wellness

Have you just been asked by your bestie to be Maid of Honor? Fancy planning an alternative, healthy hen do instead of the usual traditions? Keep reading to find out more! When you narrow it […]

6 New Books That Will Improve Your Wellbeing

As innovative technology continues to take over every inch of our lives, the art of finding a quiet spot to read a book seems to be an ever-increasing challenge. With kindles, podcasts, apps and instantly-streamable […]

wellness festivals

Top 3 Wellness Festivals To Book This Summer

Welcome to the fourth and final post in our Summer Series in partnership with Remedy Kombucha! This week, we’re highlighting three wellness festivals we’re excited about this summer! Festivals are the hallmark of summer. Bestival, […]

menstrual cup

Why You Should Start Using A Menstrual Cup & Ditch Tampons

Tempted to be part of the growing menstrual cup community? We have carefully curated this article to give you the low down with regards to the most common FAQs as to what exactly is a […]

7 Ways To Reduce Plastic Waste

It’s official – we have declared a “war on plastic”. Programmes such as Blue Planet 2 have highlighted the plight of our oceans and raised much-needed awareness of the devastating effects of plastic waste on […]

travel apps

Essential Travel Apps To Download This Summer

Holiday season is fully underway so we’re sharing our essential travel apps you need to download for your next holiday! From accommodation to finance, these apps will help make your travel experience hassle-free, will help […]

Seasonal Supplements

Seasonal Supplements – 5 Nutrients For Your Summer Body

Have you ever thought about taking your seasonal supplements? Well, it’s time you should! Of course, our bodies require different nutrients and vitamins at different times of the year, so it makes complete sense that […]


How Cycling Can Improve Your Mental Health

It is no secret that cycling regularly provides a wealth of benefits for our physical health. It helps build muscle strength and flexibility, aids weight loss and improves overall cardiovascular fitness; however, many of us […]

How To Turn Your Passion Into Your Career

Are you lacking in motivation in your current job? Do you suffer from Sunday blues and dread the thought of another mundane Monday at work? Then it’s time you rethink your career. There is nothing more […]

watch Wimbledon

How To Celebrate & Watch Wimbledon (If You Haven’t Got A Ticket!)

Welcome to our Summer Series in partnership with Remedy Kombucha, the pioneers for delicious, sugar-free, good-for-your-gut kombucha! For the next 4 weeks, we’re sharing our ultimate “What To Do In London” guide and sharing tips […]

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