New App RIG Wants To Change The Way You Sweat

Labelled the “Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels” of the fitness industry, RIG is fast becoming the go-to app to book your boutique fitness classes with a tap of a button. If you haven’t already heard […]

healthy on a budget

How To Be Healthy On A Budget – Tips & Tricks!

Fact: You don’t have to be loaded to live a healthy life. You just have to be savvy with your spending! One of the biggest stigmas around the wellness industry is that it costs a […]

best gyms

London’s Best Gyms With Amazing Views!

With autumn rolling in, outdoor workouts might become a thing of the past. The alternative? Find the best gyms with a view instead! Eleni Plakitsi, founder of Esquared reveals the best gyms to work out […]

team sports

How Team Sports Can Improve Your Fitness AND Happiness

If you think back to your school days, your exercise regime probably consisted of playing a team sport a few times a week and never worrying about finding the time (or motivation) to go to […]

5 Stressful Fitness Moments & How To Avoid Them!

We collectively carry a somewhat farfetched, unspoken perception of what we believe (or hope, actually) is portrayed when we work out; always idyllically set, catching the sun as it beams in the backdrop of our […]

Exercising On Your Period – 5 Reasons Why You Should

It’s the last thing you want to do when you’re on your period but we’ve discovered some amazing benefits of actually moving your body and getting a little sweaty at that uncomfortable time of the […]

yoga rut

In A Yoga Rut? 5 New Classes To Reignite Your Passion

Feeling in a bit of a yoga rut? We have listed our favourite classes in London to reboot and reignite your passion for flowing! Glow Yoga at Good Vibes Reignite your inner glow Good Vibes […]

run better

How To Run Better With These 5 Tips

This gorgeous summer we are having in London right now is the perfect climate for runners to rack up some serious mileage! If you’re new to running or simply want to improve your technique, here […]

Rooftop Workouts

Rooftop Workouts To Get You Fit This Summer!

Welcome to the second post in our summer series in partnership with Remedy Kombucha! This week’s “What To Do In London” is all about rooftop workouts that will keep you fit this summer! Read on […]


How Cycling Can Improve Your Mental Health

It is no secret that cycling regularly provides a wealth of benefits for our physical health. It helps build muscle strength and flexibility, aids weight loss and improves overall cardiovascular fitness; however, many of us […]

fitness instagram accounts

Fitness Instagram Accounts To Follow For #workoutinspo

Looking for ideas to liven up your workouts? We have devised our shortlist of fitness Instagram accounts that you should follow to inspire your workout routine. Not only do these accounts post daily exercises, but […]

Cat Meffan Yoga

10 Ways Yoga Changed My Life By Cat Meffan

To celebrate International Yoga Day, one of our favourite yogis, Cat Meffan, shares 10 ways yoga has changed her life for the better! It’s been about seven years since I went to my very first […]

PMA Method

Why Fitness Lovers Need To Try The “PMA Method”!

Please allow us to introduce you to one of the world’s most positive, energetic, enthusiastic and totally inspiring man, Faisal Abdalla! PT, Barry’s Bootcamp Master Trainer and now the author of his new book “The […]

Pregnancy Yoga

Benefits Of Pregnancy Yoga

As well as being a time of joy and delight, pregnancy can be a time of uncertainty and fear, not to mention physical discomfort and emotional adjustment. The good news is that incorporating regular pregnancy […]

Online Workouts

Are Online Workouts The Way Forward In Fitness?

You’re not alone if you ever feel like there isn’t time to work out. With our busy work and social lives ranking top of our priority list, it can mean a good sweat session often […]

get fit

5 New Ways To Get Fit For Summer!

If you’re reading this, chances are you already love to workout and get your sweat on, but we could all use some time off from dominating the treadmill and throwing iron around from time to […]

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