Women Entrepreneurs… The How’s, What’s, Why’s and Who’s that made it happen

We talk to Mariella Tandy, Retail Editor of Tatler and founder of Wardrobe Connect

I am half English Half German and grew up in Gloucestershire until I moved to New York to go to university. I ended up working at a variety of magazines out there before moving back to the UK to work on Vogue and now Tatler. Wardrobe Connect launched just a few months ago and is a vintage resale website designed to connect buyers and seller directly with one another and cut out the middleman when it comes to reselling your clothes. You can request to be a seller or just buy from the site and register for updates when you favourites post new items. You can sell everything from Vintage pieces, deisgner brands or even your old wedding dress!

Why did you want to start your own business?
It was a natural progression for me as I was always selling on my pre-loved clothes to my friends and organising sales at home where friends would come and swap and sell their items to one another. Taking it online was just something I knew I had to do.

You run your business alongside full time employment – how do you fit it all in?
Yes! That is the challenging part, luckily I have a great admin team helping me and so that makes it easier. During the building phase I spent many early mornings/ late nights and most weekends working on it. It was actually fun as the people involved in it were friends who shared the same ideas.

What is the most exciting thing about running your own business?
Having total control over something and watching it grow, hearing what people think and being able to change things as and when I see fit.

Is it successful?
Time will tell!

Would you recommend other women out there start something of their own?
Yes, if you are that way inclined. I think you need huge amounts of energy and being level headed and realistic helps. I come from an entrepreneurial background. Everyone in my immediate family set up their own businesses. I grew up watching my father build his and saw all of the incredibly hard work that goes into it first hand. My boyfriend also has his own business, it must just be something I am drawn to!

What would you say are the benefits?
The major benefit is being to act immediately on an idea when you have one. You can implement it without having to go through a chain of command.

And the cons?
The time! In the beginning it is hard to see friends and have a social life. You are never ‘off’ there is always something to work on.

What advice would you give to someone contemplating setting up there own thing?
Go for it! If you have an idea run with it. If you are passionate about something, it won’t seem like work.