Not all haircare bars are created equal…

Introducing EarthKind: Good for the hair and good for the planet 

1 lucky winner has the chance to win a year’s supply of EarthKind’s shampoo and conditioner bars, plus 2 tins to store your bars, worth £117
(10 x Shampoo Bar of choice + 4 Conditioning Bars + 2 Tins)

EarthKind are an eco-conscious British haircare brand dedicated to creating the very best in shampoo and conditioning bars. Founded by Tricohologist and cosmetic scientist Tony Maleedy, their mission is to raise the bar when it comes to haircare. 

Their shampoo and conditioning bars are made for everyday use to help protect the health of your hair and scalp, as well as our planet. They use natural, sustainable, vegan ingredients with a high-quality composition. 

The use of these natural ingredients allows EarthKind to create outstanding products which make your hair strong, luxuriant and beautiful. Their shampoo bars are ethically created, plastic-free and are kind to your hair and kind to the planet.

KIND TO SCALP A healthy scalp means healthy hair, so all of EarthKind® bars are designed to be as gentle and pH-neutral as possible while still cleaning and caring for even the most sensitive scalps. 

KIND TO PLANET Our planet has enough to deal with without throwing shampoo bottles into the mix which is why EarthKind create their shampoo bars free from unnecessary water wastage are made in the UK and why they will only ever formulate with sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable ingredients.

While traditional liquid shampoos contain up to 75% water, meaning less room for the active cleansing agents, EarthKind products contain no water and just simple, straightforward and efficacious active ingredients instead. Try yours now!

Plastic free. Paraben Free.  Sulfate Free. Vegan. Waterless
 www.iamearthkind.com // @iamearthkind

1 entrant (picked at random) will receive a year’s supply of EarthKind’s shampoo and conditioner bars worth £117

  • 10 x Shampoo Bars of choice 
  • 4 x Conditioning Bars of choice 
  • 2 x Tins