Five lucky winners have the chance to win a month’s supply of Fix8 Kombucha. Each winner will receive a crate of each of the three Fix8 flavours, worth £72!

If you’re looking for a supercharged soft drink, then look no further than the new trio of British craft Kombucha Sodas from Fix8.  These delicious, slow-brewed and authentic probiotic drinks are the ONLY Kombucha range in the UK to feature science-backed probiotic live cultures AND Vitamin C, ensuring unrivalled immune and gut health goodness in every can!

Each delicious, Fix8 kombucha soda is made from 100% natural ingredients, is loaded with 25% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C and is brimming with 2 Billion gut-health boosting live cultures that are scientifically designed to reach your gut.  Crafted to both tickle your tastebuds and tame your tummy, there are three tasty new craft recipes to choose from, each also low in calories and plantbased to boot:

  • Ginger Turmeric: Paired with ginger, turmeric and black pepper for the ultimate digestive fire and detox kick.  Refreshing, zingy, ginger kick.  Only 38 calories per can
  • Strawberry Basil:  Slow brewed, authentic Fix8 kombucha paired with strawberries and basil, for a fruity and refreshing lift. Refreshing, fruity, crisp. Only 33 calories per can
  • Sicilian Citrus: Paired with Sicilian orange and saffron, for a bright and uplifting drink.  Refreshing, bright, citrusy. Only 35 calories per can

The British born and brewed brand was launched to market in 2018 by Freya Twigden, after she embarked on a journey of discovery with Kombucha and all its gut health benefits whilst living in Shanghai.  After becoming infatuated with the unique taste and health benefits of the fermented tea drink, she travelled to meet other Kombucha obsessives across the world from Hawaii, San Fran, Portland to LA, before launching her very own brand. 

5 entrants (picked at random) will receive:
A month’s supply of Fix8 Kombucha. Each winner will receive a crate of each of the three Fix8 flavours, worth £72

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