It’s week 2 of your “Back To Wellness” glow-up plan. Below El talks all things showing your liver some love!

If you feel you had one or two too many over the festive period and are choosing to do Dry January, then “Liver Love” is the week for you! Now if we’re looking to be ‘optimal’ it’s the unfortunate truth that alcohol and optimal health don’t really go hand-in-hand. But in saying that, we’re all human and Christmas with loved ones calls for raising a glass for celebration!

So whether we’re looking to avoid the groggy head, show our liver some love or nourish our natural detoxification system, it’s important to focus on building strength and help things move along smoothly.

The recipes in this week have been designed with ingredients that are best friends to our livers such as cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale) as well as bitter ingredients such as bitter leaves, radishes, watercress and rocket. Including an abundance of these ingredients into your diet on a daily basis will ensure that your liver is functioning the best it can no matter what which is important for entire health, not just after a few too many drinks! Don’t forget, the liver doesn’t just process alcohol, it’s also equally important when it comes to fundamental aspects of our health – especially those related to hormonal imbalance, digestive discomfort and brain fog. So if you’re feeling a bit stagnant then consider your detox systems too!

Top tip – as much as it is important to support our liver, there is no point in increasing our liver detox if we are not then eliminating the waste. As healthy individuals, we should be opening our bowels 1-3x per day. By increasing our liver detox but still failing to dispose of the waste we can end up with a detox crisis often identified with skin complaints, brain fog and more! So ensure that you’re showing your digestive system support too with increase in fibre and liquids to keep waste moving in the right direction!