Discover your skin’s true needs and what makes it unique…

Meet the new beauty brand that will start an all-inclusive skincare revolution. Introducing Wǒ Skincare, a one-of-a-kind skincare system and discover skincare that’s tailored to your unique skin needs and fully adaptable to your ever-changing lifestyle.

Wǒ Skincare is built upon the desire to create an all-inclusive self-love skincare community, rooted in holistic wellbeing and backed by scientific research from leading skin biologists into the key factors affecting our skin. The brand launched online in July with a unique online skin diagnostic and fifteen products. 

Knowledge is power. That’s why Wǒ Skincare have created an innovative skin diagnostic, designed to provide an in-depth overview of your unique skin. To make things easy, they have distilled complex research into 14 straight-forward questions so you can learn more about how your age, ethnicity, environment and lifestyle impact your skin health. Once you’ve completed the diagnostic, they will give you a personal skin profile report and a list of tailored-to-you skincare solutions.

Celebrating the individual, but creating skincare for all. Discover a tailored to you skincare solution in under 5 mins. 

Wǒ approaches skincare from a different point of view. Their current core range consists of only two types of products: multi-functional Daily Base™ & targeted Power TonIQ™  and Once you’ve completed your diagnostic, they will recommend the best Daily Base™  and  Power TonIQ™ for your skin, conveniently packaged as mono, measured doses. 

Experience a tailored-to-you skincare revolution…

1 entrant (picked at random) will receive the 1 months supply of Wǒ Skincare worth £160 which includes: 

  • Daily Base™ – Replace your usual make-up remover, cleanser and moisturiser with a simple 3-in-1, a one-step regime that cleanses, hydrate & conditions your skin every day. (1x 56 doses/ RSP £52)
  • Power TonIQ™ – Lightweight beauty essences with powerful blends of high performance, concentrated actives. An innovative alternative to a serum. (3x 28 doses / RSP £78)
  • Origami Organiser – An interactive, ‘fold it yourself’ storage box keeps your products neatly organised when less is more. (RSP £14)
  • ‘On the Go’ Cotton Pouch – Keep your Wǒ products organised on the go. Great for holidays or anytime you want to keep your skincare routine in the palm of your hand. (RSP £3.60)
  • Reusable Fabric Face Mask – This mask is made with an advanced patented droplets repellent coating technology to avoid droplet absorption. It allows breathability without trapping moisture for a more comfortable wearing experience. Washable and can be reused over and over, reducing waste and helping the environment. (RSP £14)

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