COLLAGEN… Nature’s magic secret for anti-ageing

CORREXIKO is the leading collagen supplement brand for health and beauty, created using only the finest quality ethically-sourced marine and bovine collagen. Studies have shown the huge benefits of collagen as nature’s magic secret for anti-ageing. However, not all collagens are created equal – and so it’s important to look for quality and efficacy.

CORREXIKO specialises in both marine collagen and bovine collagen. Their marine collagen is derived from wild-caught, unfarmed fish in the pristine Canadian waters, using only the fish skin, which has the largest concentration of collagen. Additionally, unlike farmed fish Collagen CORREXIKO collagen contains no heavy metals or other harmful ingredients and they do not use fish that have been exposed to high levels of pollutants, antibiotics, GMO feed and growth hormones.

CORREXIKO bovine collagen is only sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised, non-factory bred cattle. It is third-party verified and fully traceable to each farm. It is antibiotic and hormone-free. All CORREXIKO collagen is double hydrolysed to create the most absorbable and fast-acting collagen peptides in the industry. Collagen not only influences skin and joint health but also plays a significant role in hair and gut health. 

Nutritionist Naomi Newman-Beinart says: “Healthy collagen levels are essential as they play an important role in the strength and resilience of our skin, and are responsible for skin elasticity, smoothness and hydration as wel as helping to make your hair stronger and strengthen your bones and joints, meaning decreased cartilage tissue degeneration, reduced joint pain and increased mobility.”

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