Whitecalm Virtual is the wellbeing community that gives guests access to over 120 live-streamed sessions every month as well as on-demand content you can access anytime and anywhere. Covering yoga, meditation, pilates, fitness, nutrition, healthy cooking, transformation coaching, essential oils as well as sessions on achieving healthy hair and skin, the Whitecalm Virtual is the 360° wellbeing solution that helps you transform your health and wellbeing.

The virtual wellbeing haven lets you take complete control, so you can fit the sessions around your schedule. With the help of the expert specialists, Whitecalm Virtual will enable you to improve both your mental and physical health as well as gain insightful tips of health, nutrition and beauty, helping you to feel and look your best. As many of us are still precarious about stepping foot in studios or classes, Whitecalm Virtual is a great alternative that you can do from the comfort of your own home. We love that you can tune into live classes, giving you a specific time to workout, this always helps us plan out our day and ensures we are up and ready for a certain time, plus knowing your tuning in with lots of others gives great motivation!

Whitecalm Virtual has a wide range of classes and workshops on offer that delves deep into topics within health and fitness. From Yoga Nidra, Hatha Flow, Yin Yoga and Pillars of Forrest Yoga, Whitecalm Virtual have an extensive yoga library which will give you the chance to try out something new all the time. Fitness sessions include Strength Hit, Fit Hit and Physical Training, helping to improve strength, stamina and body tone whilst releasing endorphins. Experience cook-a-long classes with the in-house chefs and pick up recipe inspiration to take a closer look at the food you are fuelling your body with. Unwind with a range of meditative and mindfulness exercises, including Mindful Morning Stretch,  Sleep Meditation, True Rest Meditation, Sleep Meditation, Qi Gong, Mindful Breathing Meditation, Neuroscience of Stress and Mindfulness for Stress Release. The Wellbeing Lifestyle studio is where you will meet the experts covering a range of different topics from hair and beauty to genetic testing.

Whitecalm Virtual are offering new guests a free 7-day trial, so you can see whether the platform works well for you before committing to a full membership. To learn more visit whitecalmvirtual.com