Digme Fitness has two new residences in London, taking them to a total of eight studios across the UK! The two new locations, Covent Garden and Bank, were formerly known as Another_Space studios. Both new studios will run the signature Digme spin classes, hardcore HIIT workouts and rejuvenating yoga classes as well as something brand new in-store! Bringing the same high energy, expert trainers and exhilarating music that Digme always delivers, the two new fitness spaces are ones to visit to get your studio fix!

Along with the launch of the new studios, Digme is also launching a brand new class, Combat HIIT. Focusing on three key components, speed, power and explosiveness, the 45-minute workout is built on technical combat drills such as punching, kicking as well as other combinations utilising the studio bags. Based on Mixed Martial Arts, the workout is intense yet rewarding! It gives you the chance to unleash yourself and release any build-up anger or frustration on the bag.

You don’t need to be a kickboxing/MMA pro to do this class, all abilities are welcome and the expert trainers will guide you through and help you develop your skills. This class will tone and sculpt your physic as well as work your cardiovascular system, not to mention the adrenaline rush like no other that will leave you flying high with endorphins!

Click here to learn more about Combat HIIT and to learn more about the studios click here