Kapha: The Kapha body is prone to fat and finds it difficult to loose weight.

Ayurvedic Advice: Kapha’s should eat hot and spicy food, and avoid cold and raw meals. Snacking is discouraged, instead go for a walk after eating.

Pitta: Pitta bodies are medium build, often athletic and maintain a balanced weight.

Ayurvedic Advice: Drink lots of cool water and eat raw as much as possible. Pittas should avoid stimulants and alcohol, and are advised to stay out of the sun.

Vatta: Vatta’s are slim and often find it hard to put on weight.

Ayurvedic Advice: Vatta’s operate best on warming foods that taste sweet, salty and acidic. Too much activity can just create more stress for Vattas, so yoga is suggested in place of rigorous excersise.