Hip and Healthy talks to Reebok CrossFit ambassador Christine Bleakley about keeping fit, running with Frank and what inspires her to stay healthy

How long have you been doing CrossFit for?
I’m quite new to CrossFit and it was Reebok’s collaboration with CrossFit that first caught my attention. CrossFit is unlike any other form of exercise I have done before. I like to mix up my exercise regime as it helps me to stay focused and that’s why I like CrossFit.  You’ll never do the same workout more than once.  Not only is that great for me because it helps me to stay motivated but also because it constantly works all your muscles, so you really feel the benefit.

Do you feel it has had a profound effect on your body shape? If so, in what way?
I really like to see the physical benefits of CrossFit and the way in which it helps me to stay toned. CrossFit is a great all over body workout. I’m also able to do things in CrossFit classes that I couldn’t do before when I first started, so it’s great to see that improvement as well.

What is it that you enjoy about CrossFit?
I really enjoy the community feel, which is at the heart of CrossFit. It’s great fun working out with friends and I prefer it to working out on my own, as it adds a spirit of competition. Also, the great thing about CrossFit is that it’s scalable and therefore anyone is able to do it, regardless of their fitness level.

You must be one very busy lady, how often are you able to work out?
It can be difficult fitting exercise into my day but I try to workout twice a week. If I can fit in more sessions then that is a bonus. The great thing about CrossFit is that I can do a WOD (workout of the day) in less than 20 minutes but feel like I’ve done a full body workout by the end of it. It’s a great way to fit in a short burst of exercise into your day.

Do you do anything else to keep fit?
As well as CrossFit I like to go running. I find it not only helps me to stay fit but it’s also a great way to clear my mind and stay focused. Also, I like to make the most of the good weather when we have it and be out in the fresh air.

Do you and Frank ever get the chance to workout together?
Frank has his own training schedule that he has to follow but we do sometimes go running together.

What time of day do you like to exercise?
Sometimes I fit exercise into my day whenever it’s possible but ideally I like to exercise in the morning. It’s just a great way to start the day and really makes you feel awake and ready for the day ahead.

What is your diet like? Do you try to eat healthily?
I always start my day with a healthy breakfast to give me a good start to the day. I love making smoothies, especially with bananas, milk and a hint of vanilla essence. Porridge is also great for breakfast and ensures a healthy start to the day. I also enjoy eating steak, fish and jacket potatoes for either lunch or dinner. If I do snack between meals I try to eat something healthy like fruit, seeds or nuts.

In your business do you feel pressure to stay svelte?
I think it’s important that women try not to get hung up on how they look. There just isn’t much point in doing so. I’m quite a relaxed person anyway so for me as long as I’m fit and healthy, that’s the main thing.

You really have never looked better, is that all down to exercise and healthy eating or where you blessed with great genes?
Well I’m not sure about that but as I said I do try to lead as active a lifestyle as possible. I do make an effort to try and eat healthily but I do also allow myself a treat as I don’t think people should deprive themselves. As long as you get the balance between a healthy diet and exercise that’s the main thing.

What motivates you to exercise?
My mum says, ‘Your health is your wealth’ and I quite agree. When you see the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle I think that’s the biggest motivation.

What is your top exercise track?
Faithless – Insomnia.

Who inspires you in life?
My sister. After reaching a UK size 24 at 18 years-old, she lost an incredible seven stone and maintained her new current weight through regular exercise.

How do you relax?
When I have time to relax I enjoy simple things like a Sunday roast dinner or even going out for dinner with friends.

What three things can you not live without?
My iPad
My mascara
My engagement ring

Visit www.reebok.com/fitness for further information about CrossFit.