As 2023 draws to a close, there are still plenty of exciting launches in the world of wellness, a new Ayurvedic store opening, the matcha brand shaking up your mornings, French skincare we’re obsessed with, new classes from our favourite Pilates studio, frozen meals to keep on nourished and much more! Fuelling your need for wellbeing during the festive season, these launches are rounding off what has been another epic year in the evergrowing landscape of health and wellness.

The Surrey Based Pilates Studio

In the leafy suburb of East Molesey, Bondi Rise is the new Pilates studio that brings a sunny slice of the Aussie lifestyle to Surrey. Just a stone’s throw away from Hampton Court Palace, the space houses two studios; one dedicated to Reformer and another for mat-based classes. Catering to all levels and ages, the invigorating classes are crafted to enhance strength, flexibility, and overall alignment. Equipped with state-of-the-art Balance Body Reformers, these intimate sessions accommodate a maximum of five participants, ensuring precise form and individual attention. The ‘Bondi Rise & Align’ class is tailored for those striving to refine their form with precision and control, while ‘Bondi Rise & Elevate’ amps up the intensity to elevate heart rates for a sculpting full-body burn. For a lively cardio experience, ‘Bondi Rise & Jump’ incorporates a jump board and is expertly led by studio founder Lottie. Don’t overlook the Mat Pilates Sculpt, which delivers a comprehensive full-body workout targeting intricate muscle groups—proving that effectiveness doesn’t rely on fancy equipment. The timetable also features Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, barre, and pre/post-natal classes, ensuring a well-rounded mix of low-impact options.

The Matcha Of The Moment

Power duo Rochelle Humes and Bryony Deery launched their much-anticipated matcha brand, Cloudcha! Fueled by their shared passion for health and wellness, they’ve brewed up something special with this delightful ceremonial-grade blend that celebrates the ritual behind matcha to add a little spark to your morning. Ethically sourced, this matcha powder isn’t your average pick-me-up, it gives a zenful energy without the unwanted side effects of typical caffeine fixes. Sourced from the Matcha capital of the world, Uji, Kyoto, the powder undergoes a traditional artisanal roasting technique to deliver the best results and flavour. Demystifying the art of matcha mastery, Cloudcha spills the tea on crafting homebrews that actually taste divine. Elevating your at-home matcha game, they created the ultimate tea set for seamless blending and a ceramic pot that sits beautifully on your kitchen counter. 

The French Nutri-Beauty Skincare

Our ears pricked up when we learnt about a beauty elixir that you can use topically and orally…the French-born brand behind the ingenious Phyto Oil is Ulé. Combining the minds of doctors, botanists, nutritionists and scientists, Ulé set out on a mission to create skincare that is natural, effective and thoroughly restorative. The coined term, ‘beauty starts from within’ has been adopted in nutrient-rich skincare and supplements, blended to work in synergy with the biological structure of the skin using a patented extract, the Pure 3otany™ Blend. From the traceable ingredients to the dermatological control testing and eco-packaging, there are no cutting corners when it comes to efficacy at Ulé. Aside from its fresh pastel bottles that we love, the clinically proven results speak volumes about the range. Top picks include Fraîche Cloud, the Ultra-Moisturizing Water Cream and, as mentioned, Avoir it All, the In & Out Nurturing Phyto Oil.

Three New Classes At Heartcore

Heartcore has unveiled a trio of fresh mat-based experiences into their class line-up at the Bayswater studio. Crave that deep, rewarding burn that the Reformer gives? Well, these new sessions guarantee that signature Heartcore buzz will be ignited, by transitioning the key elements onto the mat. Infrared heating warms up your muscles in the beautifully decked-out studio, soundtracked by a curated playlist to get you in the zone. HOTM Strength promises tangible results, building both physical strength and mental resilience through functional movements that sculpt and reshape your body. HOTM Cardio is a dynamic full-body workout interwoven with intentional moments of low-impact cardio, conditioning your body and giving your metabolism a boost. HOTM Flow offers a fluid full-body experience, enhancing flexibility, balance, body awareness, and core strength. This class is your ticket to releasing tension and achieving seamless alignment between mind and body.

The Recovery Suite

London’s premium gym BXR Marylebone just got an upgrade, unveiling its cutting-edge recovery suite. Where innovation meets rejuvenation, BXR Labs provides a new approach to holistic wellness for those looking to optimise recovery and elevate overall performance. The state-of-the-art facilities showcase a rejuvenating ice bath and infrared sauna, used in synergy hot-cold therapy is hailed for rapidly benefiting the recovery process. Ice bathing has become a phenomenon with health enthusiasts plunging into low temperatures, BXR Labs ice baths sit at a cool 6°C degree to reduce muscle inflammation. The advanced infrared sauna relaxes muscles, improves circulation and aids detoxification, reaching temperatures of 80°C. Post-session, book a slot to give your body the TLC it needs for optimal performance.

The Plant-Based Recipe Kit

The supermarkets still seem behind when it comes to convenient meals that aren’t laden with unwanted ingredients. On a mission to change this, Grubby is rolling out their plant-based recipe kit at Tesco, with everything you need to whip up a super tasty, nutritious meat-free dish. For context, Grubby is the vegan recipe box delivery that celebrates the joy of cooking food from scratch, without the need for any brainpower. Their plant-based recipes are far from mundane, inspired by a multitude of cuisines that pack flavour and the best part is, all 200 recipes will have dinner on the table in 30 minutes. In the aisles of Tesco, you’ll find the Aubergine Thai Green Curry, Curried Coconut Dahl and our personal favourite, Crispy Gnocchi Puttanesca, ideal for those evenings when you have nothing in the fridge. Whether you order directly from Grubby and get a chance to chef up (without the need for any culinary flare) with their mouth-watering selection of recipes or you grab a recipe kit from Tesco, we can attest you’ll love Grubby’s spin on dinnertime.

Wimbledon Welcomes a New Health Club

Luxury fitness and health club Third Space opens its doors to its ninth club in Wimbledon. Elevating training and recovery to a premium standard, the new outpost welcomes world-class fitness and wellness, with the help of industry-leading professionals. The gym floor is one of the best you’ll find in London, complete with The Yard, a double-height cross-functional training area. Housing a wellness sanctuary, complete with a plunge pool for immersive cold water therapy, bespoke heated loungers, a traditional hot and dry Finnish sauna and a hot and wet Loyly sauna, Third Space has pushed the boundaries with these state-of-the-art facilities. Expect all the classes Third Space is renowned for, including The WOD, Afterburner and Sweat X, as well as Reformer Pilates, a first for across all clubs. 

The Outdoor Micro-Gym

Venture into the great outdoors with Swing Fitness, pioneering a fresh and innovative approach to outdoor workouts! Their multifunctional boxes contain a curated selection of dumbbells and kettlebells. The box itself transforms into a versatile bench or step, adding a dynamic element to your alfresco exercise. In the early stages of their journey, Swing has strategically placed nine boxes across London’s parks and green spaces. Seamlessly integrating technology, simply download the app to locate your nearest Swing Box, unlocking it with a QR code, akin to the simplicity of E-bike rentals. Promoting inclusivity, Swing Box is not only a game-changer but also free for all to use. Witness the evolution of this initiative in the capital, as Swing Fitness redefines accessible and engaging fitness.

The Wholesome Meals On Wheel

B Corp wellness catering company, Pow Food have launched a selection of chef-prepared and nutritious ready meals. Delivered to your door, convenience is key with these meals which tick all the boxes for a delicious, wholesome and nourishing meal.  The ‘Handmade Complete Meals’ have been fine-tuned by nutritionists to contain no refined carbohydrates and are naturally gluten and dairy-free, plus contain adaptogens to promote wellbeing. Partnering with small British farms and suppliers to source only the best ingredients, Pow Food’s Handmade Complete Meals are ideal for stocking your freezer with this season for those evenings that you need a lifeline. Our top picks include the award-winning Fish Pie, Free-Range-Chicken Tapenade and Golden Goan Fish Curry.

The Non-Alcoholic Bitters

Ben Branson, the pioneer in distilled non-alcoholic spirits and mind behind Seedlip, is set to revolutionise the adult drinks industry once again with the launch of seasn. The latest venture is an independent brand featuring a compelling duo of 0.0% cocktail bitters that promise both delectable and intense flavours. seasn endeavours to reshape the landscape of the long-established, monopolised cocktail bitters category, pushing it beyond its conventional role as a bartender’s secret. With seasn LIGHT and seasn DARK, you can elevate your tipple of choose whether it be a non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage.

The Regime For Glowing Skin

Joining the dots between gut health and skin health, You’re Looking Well is an all-new wellness club! Founding duo, Joe Bloomfield and Anthony Plom have taken an unconventional route into the beauty industry with a background as research analysts, but in a bid to find a way to care for themselves better, they quickly became fascinated with the connection between the gut and the skin and You’re Looking Well was born. Fusing the latest breakthroughs in microbiology into skincare and supplement products, the range compromises of just four wonder products to refrain from overwhelming you and also fitting into your routine without too much disruption. ‘The Regime’ includes a Day Cream, Day Pill, Night Cream and Night Pill, designed to create a glow that comes from the inside out. The state of our gut and our skin work in tandem, and to achieve healthy skin, we need to tackle gut health which is where the powerful probiotic and microbiome blend in the YLW Regime work their magic. Join the YLW Club to get the ‘The Regime’ delivered to your door either monthly or quarterly plus you can access advice from the experts, discounts across other wellness companies and events!

The Ayurvedic Opening In West London

From the Indian tropical Malabar Coast of Kerala to West London’s Notting Hill, Kama Ayurveda has opened its first UK store. Crafted upon the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda and nature, the skincare, body and hair products are built around the Ayurvedic philosophy that beauty comes from an inner balance between mind, body and soul. Celestial self-care moments are sparked using their naturally-derived blends that support your Dosha, with scents that transport you to a luscious botanical garden. In prime location on Westbourne Grove, the store is a bright, sunny addition to the shopping spot, allowing you to test out the products for yourself. The store houses treatment rooms with a selection of nourishing massages and facials to choose from as well as skin diagnostic and a chance to discover your dosha to delve into the true Ayurvedic philosophy.

The Outnet of The Beauty World

Overproduction accounts for 6.2% of discarded goods in the beauty and wellness industry. On a quest to transform that stat, Boop is the online platform giving a much-needed second chance to excess beauty products, by offering consumers savings of up to 50% off their best-loved mid-to high-end beauty brands. Sourcing unused excess or obsolete premium products directly from brands and retailers, the platform gives these products a new lease of life with up to 50% off to save them from landfill. You’d be shocked at the products deemed not worthy for sale, whether its imperfect packaging or simply features an old formulation, there are way too many gems not being put to use from much-loved brands including Aromatherapy Associates and John Masters Organics. Boop only sells products which are safe to use and that deliver results, with each and every product subject to a rigorous quality control check.

The Tapping App

Delve into the power of tapping with the new Rapping Tapping App. Combining the principles of EFT Tapping, NLP and Law of Attraction techniques, this transformational tool is an evidence-based ‘mind-body’ energy method that incorporates tapping your face and upper body. Honed by Poppy Delbridge, Manifestation Coach and Founder of Rapid Tapping, the app gives you access to quick five-minute methods to boost your mind, refresh your body and boost your skin. Interlude overwhelming moments of stress or low points in your day with the online library of pre-recorded taps to boost your mood. Don’t just take our word for it, tapping ‘invisible energy points’ has been shown to reduce stress by up to 43% in clinical trials, as well as reducing food cravings, insomnia, body pain and even depression.  

The All-In-One Gut Health Solution

Gut health has been the hot health topic of the year and JERMS stands out as an uncomplicated yet advanced solution with their Daily Gut 4-in-1 powder. This potent blend contains Probiotics, Prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and organic superfoods and vitamins to create the optimal gut environment where beneficial bacteria thrive. Reducing the load for nauseating pills, the unflavored powder formula can be stirred into any cold drink or can be sprinkled over cold food for optimal absorption. Formulated by nutritionists using scientifically proven natural ingredients, JERMS supports digestion, immune function, mood, metabolism, sleep and alleviates bloating, gas, stomach discomfort and other IBS symptoms.

The Gummies Catering For All Needs

New to the gummy market, Næo is striving to enhance the overall convenience of incorporating supplements into your daily wellness regimen. What sets Næo’s gummies apart from the traditional, often nauseating pill-form supplements is their innovative mode of nutrient delivery. Unlike standard supplements, which are typically absorbed within the gut, Næo’s gummies are enriched with a high concentration of nutrients that are absorbed directly within the mouth, which is known to be one of the most effective ways to deliver micronutrients directly into the bloodstream. These six formulas cater to a wide range of health objectives, encompassing skincare enhancement, haircare, gut health improvement, immunity boost, sleep quality optimization, and brain health support.

words by Isabelle Shury